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ESEPSY 8895 Seminar: Educational Psychology in Practice

Online Synchronous (with Dr. Lynley Anderman)
Thursdays, 4:30-6:60 p.m.
3 credit hours
Graduate Students

Many Educational Psychologists enter the field because they want to make evidence-based change to educational policy and practice but how much does that really happen?  In this seminar, we will examine the relationship between EP and educational practice; discuss potential reasons for the “research-practice gap”; read a range of empirical studies that serve as exemplars of research that may be particularly suitable for “translation”; and try writing in a “practice brief” format.

The class will be offered in a fully online, synchronous format, concurrently with a parallel course offered by Professor Helen Patrick at Purdue University.  In other words, the course will be team-taught by Dr. Lynley Anderman & Dr. Patrick, and students will interact with their peers from both institutions.  This is a one-time only offering of this seminar!