Secondary Data Analysis with MIDUS

Jen Wong & Barbara Hodgdon
Thursday, November 6th
PAES 110

Bring your research questions to this hands-on workshop and get started exploring the MIDUS data set. You will learn:

  • Valuable information about survey design, sampling and subprojects which comprise MIDUS
  • How to access and download the data set
  • Effective strategies for reviewing data and documentation
  • Techniques for merging and structuring data sets

Don’t miss this great opportunity to work with experts on this valuable, longitudinal dataset


MIDUS is a longitudinal data set involving adults aged 24-87 and much more! Are you interested in:

  • Health Behavior
  • Discrimination
  • Relationships
  • Employment
  • Obesity
  • Aging
  • Biomarker Data
  • Cognitive Performance, Processing and Memory
  • Stress
  • Cross-Cultural Comparisons Twin-Sibling Data
  • Sleep
  • Education History
  • Comparing Survey Results Across Populations
  • Focus on African American Population
  • Caregiving


Learning Technologies Exchange (LTX) Series

Please join the Learning Technologies faculty for our new lecture and discussion series! This series is an opportunity to connect with students and faculty in the Learning Technologies program while exploring topics in teaching, learning and technology from a research-to-practice perspective. In this first iteration of the LTX series, each faculty member will give short talks about learner engagement and engage in stimulating discussion. Bring your lunch or a snack and join us for an exciting idea exchange!

Engagement in Digital Learning
November 14th
12:30-1:30 pm
Ramseyer Hall- College Commons

Panelists: The Fantastic Four in Learning Technologies

  • Kui Xie
  • Ana-Paula Correia
  • Tracey Stuckey-Mickell
  • Rick Voithofer

Moderator: Mike Nelson

Methodological Colloquium

A Study of Classroom Learning with a Mixed Model for Ordinal Variables, with Emphasis on Individual Differences

Friday, November 3rd
Ramseyer Hall Room 136

Robert Cudeck, PhD
Department of Quantitative Psychology

Dr. Rod Rose Presentation and Visit

On Tuesday, October 31st, the RMC is hosting Dr. Rod Rose, Research Assistant Professor, UNC Chapel Hill (CV attached). As part of his visit, Rod will be presenting on methodological issues related to causal inference (10-11:30 EHE Commons). For an abstract and link to RSVP, interested folks should consult our RMC website at In light of the current emphasis being placed on research rigor, we believe that this topic and associated discussion will be of great benefit to faculty and graduate students of our College. We hope that this talk will provide inspiration for attendees to consider and embrace new methods of inquiry.

Rod will also be meeting with faculty and students by request on the afternoon of Oct. 31st to discuss their work and provide additional, personalized support. To arrange a meeting, interested persons should contact Sandy Reed at the RMC. Sandy is coordinating Rod’s schedule and will work with them to get a meeting on his calendar.


Methodological Colloquium

The Relationships between Methods, Theory, Positionally, and Fieldwork: The Emergent Methodological Praxis of an Educational Ethnography

Friday, October 27th
Ramseyer Hall 136

Dr. Sara M. Childers
Adjunct Professor
College of Education and Human Ecology

Emotions in Education

A roundtable discussion sponsored by AEPPHS

Friday, October 20th
Ramseyer Hall 136

Join in the conversation with our introductory Hot Topics in Education Series, which we intend to be a bi-yearly meeting of graduate students and faculty interested in discussing current issues that exist in education. During this meeting, we will host an informal discussion about the current work that educational psychologists, philosophers, and historians are doing regarding this important topic.

Coffee and Bagels will be provided.


Methodological Colloquium

Sequential Multiple Assignment Randomized Trial (SMART) Designs: A new and innovative alternative to the randomized control trial

Friday, October 13th
Ramseyer Hall Room 136

Jessica Logan, PhD
Assistant Professor
Quantitative Research, Evaluation and Measurement


Qualitative and Creative Inquiry (QCI) Brown Bag Colloquia

Join a community of scholars interested in qualitative and creative inquiry. The RMC’s new QCI series provides opportunities for faculty and students to engage in discussions about qualitative research topics and to present their qualitative research. All EHE faculty and graduate students are invited to attend.

Ramseyer Hall, Room 136

September 21st
September 28th
October 12th
October 26th
November 9th
December 7th