Spring 2023 2nd Session Course Opportunity: ESEPOL 8895 Race, Gender, Sexuality and Educational Policy

ESEPOL 8895 is a graduate seminar course exploring the intersections of Race, Gender, Sexuality and Educational Policy. The course will investigate how teacher educators, especially Black queer educators and other marginalized groups manage a commitment to educational equity and social justice in their research, teaching, advocacy, and mere existence. We will discuss the attacks against Critical Race Theory and diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice work and how educational policies shape what can and cannot be taught.


Course Number: 8895
Credits: 3 credits
Second Term, Spring Semester (March 1 – April 24)
Instruction Mode: Asynchronous
For more information, please contact—Dr. Leslie K. Morrow at morrow.422@osu.edu

Photo of Dr. Leslie Morrow, course instructor

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