Ramseyer Safety Notice and Guidance for All ES Community Members

As many more faculty and students are returning to campus and working more regularly from on-campus locations, we want to make sure you are aware of some recent issues and offer guidance to help ensure the safety of our students, staff, faculty, and guests.

In the past year there has been repeated attempts to break in to the QualLab suite on the 3rd floor of Ramseyer (339/341) from both the main hallway and the Commons. You may recall a message from Judith last April about increased police presence in Ramseyer. This was due to previous break ins to the QualLab, and we are requesting again additional presence due to two break-in attempts within the last two weeks. Police will likely be making nightly rounds in/around Ramseyer. If you have any questions about this, please reach out to Mark Taylor, EHE Facilities Planner.

Because of these issues and the increased usage of campus spaces, we are asking everyone to:

  • Please pay attention to your surroundings and if any physical space looks out of place (e.g., a propped open door, a sleeping bag), please notify your building coordinator (in Ramseyer that is Judith Gordon; in PAES that is Emily Martini)
  • Please make it of habit of keeping keys with you and locking office and suite doors whenever you leave the space. For instance, if you are in Ramseyer 301 suite, it’s fine to have the main door unlocked while actively present. But if you leave to use the restroom or leave for the day, please ensure the main suite door is secured (locked). Please also make sure GAs using spaces also adhere to this.
  • Add the non-emergency Ohio State Police number to your phone and report any suspicious behavior on campus to 614-292-2121.

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