Welcome from the Chair

Dear Educational Studies Students,

WELCOME BACK to campus and to Autumn Semester 2022. I want to extend a hearty welcome to our new students who are joining us this year. I hope all of you had a great summer break and you are prepared for a wonderful academic year. As the year begins, I want to share the mission and vision at the forefront of teaching, research, service and administration in our Department:

Across our unique tapestry of academic specializations, we prepare equity-minded leaders, scholars, practitioners and global citizens and produce innovative research to transform schools, colleges and universities, non-profits, community agencies, and policy entities to effectively address the challenges of rapidly changing societies.

We work to equip students to serve all people, particularly those from historically marginalized groups. We strive to promote equity, inclusion, and social justice, to facilitate reciprocal, strategic partnerships, and to disrupt systemic oppression and educational inequities. Collectively, we endeavor to make a positive impact on the growth, vitality and wellness of children, adults, families, communities, and the workforce in Ohio and beyond through the application of our teaching, research and service.

I am excited about what we will accomplish together, guided by our mission and vision.

Over the academic year, we will do our very best to support you as you pursue your educational goals. We encourage you to ask questions, engage with your faculty advisors and instructors, learn about your academic programs, as well as extend your knowledge by learning about the other specializations in the department. If you are not aware, our department is extremely large, with 12 diverse academic specializations. Not only does this diversity make us unique, it also presents an opportunity for you to have a more robust educational experience.

As Department Chair, I look forward to connecting with you during our Student Welcome Back event on August 25 at noon. Additionally, I hope you will attend our Chat with the Chair gatherings and other department and campus events. Oftentimes, students experience campus administrators as distant or inaccessible. I want your experience to be the opposite. Use the Chat with the Chair to get to know me and other leaders and staff within Educational Studies, to get questions answered, and to be in community with your peers. Follow us on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter and read this newsletter weekly to keep up with what is going on in the department and ways to stay connected.

I wish you the very best as the academic year commences. I speak on behalf of our faculty and staff in welcoming you and sending positive energy throughout the year!!

Dr. Lori Patton Davis
Chair, Department of Educational Studies

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