Graduate and Professional Student Appreciation Week 2022

The College of Education and Human Ecology, the EHE Graduate Student Advisory Council, and each of the departments in EHE have spent the week of April 4-8 showing love to our outstanding graduate and professional students! Throughout Graduate and Professional Student Appreciation Week, we have given faculty, staff, and students the opportunity to share messages of appreciation to our grad students. Below are just a few of the many messages of appreciation shared with our Ed Studies graduate students this week:

“Thank you, Winnie, for an excellent first year! I really appreciate all you’ve done for our Ethiopia project, and for our starting efforts in Ghana!” – Dr. Ann O’Connell to Winnie Wilberforce (QREM)

“I appreciate how you have masterfully transitioned into your first year as a Ph.D. student! From a successful SPA days, joining editorial boards, working on writing and presentations, you have seamlessly showed up as a doctoral student, and I have appreciated working with you. I look forward to growing together and seeing you shine in your JHE managing editor role!” – Dr. Stephen Quaye to Michelle Leao (HESA)

“Often tasks are completed without my asking, your willingness to go above and beyond the call is admirable. As a grad student and GA, balancing multiple roles can be difficult, but you have risen to the occasion. Your passion for contributing in meaningful ways to the field of counseling and our department is commendable. Thank you for all that you do!” – Dr. Tanya Middleton to Erin Christian-Parsons (Counselor Education)

“It is thrilling to see you pursue your passions in multiple areas! Your level of engagement and zest for life and learning are inspiring.” – Dr. Lauren Hensley to Andrew Perry (Educational Psychology)

“Thank you for offering your time to the Graduate Studies committee to provide a student voice. Your time and insight have been so appreciated and helpful in ensuring the policies and practices of the department are student focused. Thank you again! Best of luck on your writing.” – Megan Tuttle to Ezekiel Peebles (Counselor Education)

“You demonstrate caring for all you interact with–students, fellow instructors, and supervisors. Your warmth and kindness make others feel valued!” – Dr. Lauren Hensley to Kelsey Varzeas (HESA)

“It has been a joy to work with you in HESA over the last 2 years! You keep shining. I love how you show up, be your full self, and exude love and compassion. I am super excited about your dissertation journey and have appreciated getting to know you even better at OSU. Keep being you!” – Dr. Stephen Quaye to Lisa Delacruz Combs (HESA)

“I appreciate how you’ve dived into your online teaching by developing helpful videos for your students–and also how you ask thoughtful questions that help our instructor team better understand university policies and resources.” – Dr. Lauren Hensley to Elise Allen (Educational Psychology)

Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to send messages of appreciation to our wonderful students this week!

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