Time and Change: Leading and Learning in Times of Crises

“Time and Change: Leading and Learning in Times of Crises”, an Education and Urban Society special issue, was one of the first to respond to the convergence of COVID-19 and escalating racial tensions during an unprecedented leadership crisis that presented educators with unique challenges in unique circumstances. One of the biggest challenges during the transition to online instruction the COVID-19 lockdown demanded, was access to, and keeping students engaged in the learning process. Karen Stansberry Beard and Anika Anthony along with researchers from across the United States collaborated to feature educator responses to the challenges that demanded unprecedented change.

The rapid educational response to the COVID-19 pandemic and Black Lives Matter movement required administrators and educators to innovatively provide instructional delivery, special education services, and address social and emotional learning needs, simultaneously. As a result, our collective learnings from organizational responsiveness and innovations from this time of change holds promise toward informing educators, leadership, policymakers, and researchers, not only about what schooling restoration might look like in consideration of creating more equitable learning opportunities but also about how to be better prepared should future crises of this measure arise. The articles presented are based on practice and research with an explicit focus on urban contexts and communities of color from a variety of perspectives.

The EHE Authors poised to address COVID-19 impacts with immediacy highlighted in this special issue include:

Donna Y. Ford, Ph.D. 

Cynthia Tyson, Ph.D. 

Eddie Fletcher, Ph.D. 

Anika Anthony, Ph.D. 

Karen Stansberry Beard, Ph.D. 

Teddy Chao, Ph.D. 

Along with OSU Graduates

Joanne Baltzar Vakil, Ph.D. 

Cory Hilty, Ed.D. 

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