New IR Data Set for Student Theses or Dissertations

We have news of an exciting data set from Julie Carpenter-Hubin, Asst. Vice President in OAA for the Office of Institutional Research and Planning (IR). This data set could provide thesis or dissertation data or an applied project with cross-sectional and/or longitudinal components for graduate students interested in issues of student engagement.

IR will be administering the Gallup Alumni Survey in April – this will be their third administration of it.  Gallup looks at the degree to which OSU graduates are engaged in their work, whether they are thriving in key aspects of well-being, and how they rate their undergrad experiences. IR will continue with surveying alumni 1-5 years out, which was done two years ago, but now they are adding all alumni who completed the National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) at some point in the past.  IR started doing the NSSE in 2004 and they have administered it every three years, so there should be enough past NSSE respondents who also complete Gallup to learn how alums responded about engagement then and how they remember it and believe it affects them today.

The 2004 NSSE survey instrument, and the means and frequencies report along with the Gallup survey instrument are attached. 

For more details, please contact Julie Carpenter-Hubin,

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