Bringing Suicide Prevention Out of the Shadows

On Monday, August 21st, a solar eclipse was visible across Central Ohio. Through breaks in the clouds, students, faculty and staff of Ohio State watched from the top of parking garages, on the oval and scattered along sidewalks as an ominous darkness covered campus. The importance of not looking directly at the eclipse and using protective eclipse glasses had been stressed on the news for days leading up to the event. The OSU Suicide Prevention Program decided to combine the need for this safety precaution with a campaign to promote their important mission.


The OSU Suicide Prevention Program distributed 1,300 pairs of licensed eclipse glasses at the Student Involvement Fair. Another 700 pairs were given to faculty and staff who have been involved in suicide prevention efforts in the past (REACH, RUOK? Buckeyes, advisory boards, STEP faculty mentors, etc.) The glasses were given out along with the slogan Bringing Suicide Prevention Out of the Shadows. Students had to follow @OSUREACH on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook to receive glasses. This effort brought attention to the important work of the OSU Suicide Prevention program and helped to bring suicide prevention to the forefront of students’ minds.


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