Multiple Perspectives on Teaching & Learning

The Department of Teaching & Learning is offering a course in Autumn 2017 offered to graduate students in other programs.

EDUTL 6050: Multiple Perspectives on Teaching and Learning
Dr. Brian Edmiston

This three credit hour course is recommended for individuals who do not have a strong academic background in education. Dr. Edmiston has taught EDUTL 6050 for the past three years to domestic and international students where they develop understanding of the core concepts of learning and teaching in relation to stories of their own experiences as well as examples from U.S. classrooms. The class will meet on 6 Saturdays (August 26, September 2, September 30, October 21, November 4 and December 9) this Fall from 9am-4pm at Graham Expeditionary Middle School (GEMS) located at 140 E. 16th Ave. Columbus, OH 43201.

There is a second section of EDUTL 6050 being offered this fall. The course will meet Mondays from 7:10-9:30pm in 384 Arps and will be taught by a lecturer, NOT Dr. Edmiston.

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