New Educational Studies Courses

These courses were just added for next autumn. Enrollment is limited in the grant writing course, so register soon if you’re interested.

ESQREM 8659: Structural Equation Modeling
Mondays 9:35am-12:15pm
Dr. Minjun Kim

Basic concepts of structural equation modeling, including approaches to regression, path analysis, confirmatory factor analysis, and structural model building, as well as some advanced models. Prereq: Students should have successfully completed several introductory and intermediate level graduate statistics courses. Not open to students with credit for EDUPL 883.

EDUCST 5765: Grant Writing
Tuesdays 4:30-6:50pm
Dr. Laura Justice

Being able to write competitive grants to secure internal and external funding is a desired skill for many academics. However, writing grants is different than the other types of writing activities in which academics engage, such as writing research articles and reports. This seminar provides hands-on guidance to graduate¬†students to support their ability to write competitive grants; we learn how to carefully study¬†funding announcements, generate fundable ideas and submit competitive applications. In this seminar, we’ll also hear from academics who have written competitive applications and from development officers who strive to identify funding opportunities. In addition, we’ll also spend time considering such topics as (1) how does one engage in research activities supported by grants? (2) what is the difference between pre- and post-award support? and (3) what kinds of costs can I usually put on a grant?

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