Estimating and Probing Conditional Effects in Two Instance Repeated-Measures Designs

Amanda Montoya
Ph.D. Student
Quantitative Psychology
The Ohio State University

Friday March 24th
Ramseyer Hall 136

Amanda is a third year PhD student in Quantitative Psychology at the OSU working with Dr. Andrew Hayes. She completed her M.A. in Psychology in 2016 (OSU), M.S. in Statistics in 2016 (OSU) and her B.S. in Psychology with a minor in Mathematics in 2013 (University of Washington). Her research focuses on improving the ability of social and behavioral scientists to answer their questions of interest by using sound statistical methods and developing easy to use tools to encourage researchers to use the most advanced methods available. Her research interests include mediation, moderation, conditional process models, factor analysis, meta-analysis, and stereotyping. Recent publications and CV can be found at

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