Volunteers Needed- Report Card Conference

A message from Darren Carrington, site coordinator at Mifflin High School:

We will be conducting quarterly report card conferences with our ninth through twelfth grade students. We are looking for business and community leaders that are willing to come speak with individual students about their second quarter report card. Report card conferences will take place as follows:

Wednesday April 5th
Session 1: 8:00am to 12 noon
Session 2: 12:30pm to 2:30pm

If any volunteers could attend any of these times and dates that would be great. Although the sessions are broken down in two-hour time slows, volunteers can come and go as they please, we ask for at least 30 minutes. We will provide a brief training on how the conferences are to be conducted prior to the start of each session, so please arrive 15 minutes early.

At the report card conference, students will bring the seated volunteers their report card from the┬ásecond quarter of grading. The volunteers will go over the report card with the students, giving suggestions on ways to improve their grades (if needed). Suggestions can be as simple as set aside more study time. If the student is on track, just a positive word, “keep up the good work” would work. These meetings last 3-5 minutes each.

If you can attend, please confirm your attendance by emailing me at dcarrington@ciskids.org.

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