EHE RMC Methodology Leadership Series and Software Saturday Series


Generalized Item Response and Factor Trees with Dr. Paul De Boeck, OSU Professor of Psychology

Thursday, October 27, 1:00pm – 2:30pm

EHE College Commons, Ramseyer Hall 260



The RMC Strongly Agrees that you can get more information from your survey data!


Do you use surveys for your research?  While many of us rely on Likert Scales (Strongly Agree, Agree, etc.) to collect data, most of us don’t really know how to analyze these data.  Are they interval level?  Ordinal?  How you can properly deal with “Neutral” or “Undecided” responses?


Join Paul De Boeck as he discusses the true nature of Likert-type data and provides real-world examples of how these data can best be analyzed.  After this workshop, you will have new options for analysis that can help you get more information from your survey data!


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Introduction to R with Mine Dogucu

Thursday, October 27, 4:00pm – 7:00pm

PAES 110






Bring your data!  Bring your questions!  Come for a review! QREM doctoral candidate Mine Dogucu will provide an introduction to the R computing environment.  This is a smart investment in your computing future, so don’t miss it! This session is geared to folks with little or no experience with R, but students with more advanced questions are welcome!


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Introduction to STATA with Nivedita Bhaktha

Friday, October 28, 9:00am – 12:00pm

PAES 110





Are you new to STATA?  Are your skills a bit rusty?  Are you just looking for a gentle introduction to get you back into the swing of data analysis?


Please join the RMC for this introduction to STATA.  QREM doctoral student Nivedita Bhakta will introduce you to the STATA environment, teach you how to get your data into STATA, and how to prepare it for analysis.  Nivedita’s workshop is hands-on so you will get a chance to work with the software on real (messy) data sets that we provide!


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These events are FREE and open to all OSU Faculty, Students, Researchers, and Staff. 


Light refreshments will be provided.


Please contact Sandy Reed ( if you have any questions or require additional information!



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