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CGS Occasional Paper Series

The Council of Graduate Schools Occasional Paper Series includes case studies that highlight the achievements, best practices, and lessons learned of CGS awardees and grant recipients as well as research studies focused on graduate education. The Occasional Paper Series reflects the diverse institutional, disciplinary, and demographic differences of CGS member institutions.

While these papers foreground the perspectives and achievements of particular individuals and universities, we publish these case study narratives and strategies to inspire and inform institutions in their mission to improve and advance graduate education.

Authors are responsible for the content of this Occasional Paper. The views and interpretations expressed are not necessarily those of CGS. Questions regarding these papers should be directed to the author(s).


Great Mentoring in Graduate School: A quick start guide for protégés

Laura Gail Lunsford and Vicki L. Baker, 2016

Great Mentoring provides a practical, student-oriented perspective informed by the authors’ experience and research on mentoring. We hope this new publication, Great Mentoring in Graduate School: A quick start guide for protégés will help your graduate students identify quality mentors and serve as helpful peer mentors to others. We also hope the guide will inform discussions on your campus about graduate student mentoring.

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