VIA Strengths Inventory

My first strength is humor which is the strength of liking to laugh and making other people smile. Humorous people see the optimistic side of any situation. In second, is kindness. Kindness is the strength of doing good deeds and helping others. Kind people feel that others are all important human beings. They have moral reasoning as to why they show sympathy and empathy towards people. My next strength is zest. Zest is a strength about living life to the fullest with excitement and energy. Zest deals with personal wellness that in turn leads to life satisfaction. My fourth strength is leadership. Leadership is the ability to organize a group to accomplish something and at the same time build relationships within the group. Leadership is made through personal quality and practice. My last strength is appreciation of beauty and excellence which is the ability to notice skill or beauty in certain aspects of life. This relates specifically to physical beauty, talents, and moral beauty.

I would have put honesty and perspective closer to the top of the list of strengths. I do not like cheating or lying. I always feel obligated to tell the truth. Also, I do value other people’s opinions and I do not judge until I understand why someone has done something. Otherwise I found my top five and last four results to be in an accurate order.

I have used a combination of zest and leadership to be an effective leader of my high school’s marching band. As a drum major, it was both important to create relationships with everyone in the band and show how exciting and fun band could be. Leadership allowed me to create these relationships while zest allowed me to show how fun band was. I learned the names of everyone in our (quite large) band. I did this to make everyone feel that their contribution was important to the band. I helped make our performances wonderful and exciting at the same time.

I wish that forgiveness and humility were higher on the list. Once I see what bad things people are capable of, I do not see how they can change from being the person they were before. Also, I tend to let others know what I am capable of, leading me to not be humble. I am proud to be the person I am and sometimes I let it go to my head.

My favorite strength is humor. I think it really captures my personality. I truly do love to laugh- I have even told my friends that my favorite thing to do is laugh. Making people smile is one of the highlights of my day. I also have found two photos (below) that represent my top strength of humor.

Year in Review

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About Me


Hello! My name is Maggie Eding and I am a first year student at The Ohio State University. I am from Sylvania, Ohio which is near Toledo. I come from a family of six that consists of all Harry Potter fanatics. With that said I am a proud aunt of my sister’s puppy, Luna, and my brother’s bird, Albus. Luna and Albus are named after Luna Lovegood and Albus Dumbledore from the Harry Potter series.

I hope to find my passion in life through my study in the undecided program. I intend on receiving a bachelors degree and to pursue higher education. Although undecided, I am newly interested in anthropology and zoology.

I am a part of the Environment and Natural Resources Scholars group at Ohio State. I figured I would enjoy the group because I love to camp and observe nature. Rain or shine, I love to be outdoors. I hope my participation in the ENR Scholars group will aid me in the process of declaring a major. Not only do I want to figure out my passion, I want to help the environment.

I actively participated in Marching Band, lacrosse, and many other clubs during high school. At Ohio State, I want to be a part of “Board to Death”, a club for playing board games, and “Lego Brick Club”, a club for building and curing stress. To help my community, I volunteered for multiple service opportunities through my high school; I completed over 200 hours of service. This includes my time spent gardening through my church’s “Feed My Sheep Gardening”. I got to help care for the church garden and deliver its vegetables to local food kitchens. In Columbus, I intend to help the community through volunteerism.

College is going to be an experience that helps me find my place in the world and in academics. It will allow me to build upon my character and knowledge. I strongly believe in Walt Disney’s wise words of wisdom, “If you can dream it, you can do it”.