Module 7

Dear Fellow Students,
In this final week of the course, we focused on building and sustaining motivation. This is something I have always struggled with myself, so I was very excited to learn about this topic, and honestly, I picked up some very valuable information. I like many others believed that Inspiration leads to motivation which leads to actions; however, this week we learned that actions lead to inspiration which leads to motivation. This has already changed how I approach different aspects of my life. One thing I have wanted to work on this summer is exercising more often but had been trying to get the motivation to do it rather than doing it and getting motivation from starting. This week I have started lifting and am going to continue this going forward to pick up ore motivation. Another thing I plan on trying to implement in the future is the use of tools to help eliminate online distractions. I looked into the freedom app from this week’s slides and I think that this app could help me stay focused. The main piece of advice I have for other students after this week’s module is how important action is for building and maintaining motivation. Once it becomes a habit and a part of who you are it is much easier to keep motivation.
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