Module 5

Dear Fellow Students,

This week we went over how to take better notes for school. I did not learn many useful new tools for how I take notes during class because that is actually a strength of mine which was reassuring to hear this. That being said I still had lots of room for improvement. The two things I noticed I can improve on are actually focusing on the lecture, so I hear everything being said for my notes, and secondly, that I need to review my notes after class. Reviewing my notes after class and creating a concept map was a very applicable skill that I learned and have since implemented into my note taking strategies. This helps make sure I can digest and relate what I am learning in class. Drawing out this map has made it easy for me to relate different concepts and easily draw out details. One other skill I will start using for the future is recording my lectures. This way if I lose focus and don’t hear some of the lectures it will be easy for me to go back and still get useful notes from lectures even though I may have been distracted at the time. I recommend other students use these same two skills of recording lectures and drawing out concept maps because recordings will help ensure fewer material slips past you if you are tired and distracted. I also recommend drawing out concept maps because drawing out concept maps forces you to learn how topics relate to one another.

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