Module 4

Dear Fellow Students,

On this glorious Fourth of July, I write to you in the middle of the celebration. On a day of belonging, brisket, and brews I would like to remind you that the American dream was built with work ethic in mind. Like many of you, I multitask pretty regularly; however, I recently learned how harmful multitasking can actually be to my production. Currently, I myself am multitasking between talking to friends and doing my work for school however this is something I am working to keep out of my daily schedule. Before I would routinely do my easiest assignment when talking to friends as I could do it while practically brain dead. In fact, I got good enough to multitasking that I could do it during semi-important assignments. That being said I always got lower grades on those assignments. One thing I am has already implemented so that I can stop this behavior is no longer having the tv on while doing homework. While I am not currently doing this, one goal I have to be even more practical is to not do homework with friends around so that I don’t talk with them and give half the energy to school that I need to. As I said just before I am working on separating my school and personal life completely so that I don’t lose my efficiency, either. By this I mean I don’t work on homework while talking to friends and I can also give my full attention to the people closest to me. I recommend other students turn off the tv while doing homework because when you do both at the same time you are either sacrificing quality or efficiency and there is no need to compromise on either.

Best regards,
Jacob Eckert

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