Module 3

Dear Fellow Students,

This week in class we learned about time management, a skill that I definitely have room for improvement in. I think the most useful thing I personally learned from this module is to track how I spend my time and reflect on it. While tracking my time this week and during this summer isn’t too important from a productivity standpoint as I easily have enough time to manage my responsibilities, I think this will be a very good tool to implement in the fall with a full course load. Because of this, I have already started implementing this, so I know how to use it properly later on. So far it hasn’t really done much for me other than showing me that I am pretty lazy. This gave me the idea to fill a schedule with good hobbies I have always wanted to do and practice time tracking to see if I can stick with my time schedule or not. I figure if I can’t stick to a schedule with fun hobbies than I probably wouldn’t stick to it with boring schoolwork and therefore I should avoid scheduling things for that time of the day. Going forward I will always advise people to reflect on how they spend their time and even try tracking it. Time tracking really holds your time management skills up to yourself in the mirror and lets you know just how much you can improve as a person.
(LESSON: Module 3. Slide 12)

Best Regards,
Jacob Eckert

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