Community Garden Experience

Our class took a pleasant community walk around Highland Elementary a few weeks ago.  Our destination was the community garden. The students listened to a presentation by Jazmyn Benjamin, the overseer of the Highland Youth Garden and its participation in the local farmer’s market.  She was able to share how mathematics is deeply connected to the student gardening experiences.

By visiting the garden and learning about the efforts community members and the elementary students have made to grow an abundant crop, the class was able to identify a local resource and build a relationship with its affiliated members.  This opportunity helped students deepen their knowledge about the children and the local community. A number of students, aside from taking photographs documenting evidence of mathematics at the site, also posed the following engaging mathematical questions.

Problem posed by Abigail Peppers:

orange flowers

Problem posed by Britany Morris:

muffin tin of soil

Problem posed by Hannah Hampton:

seeds in a matrix of squares

Problem posed by Anna Rose Flood:

green leaf

Problem posed by Sherra Feeny:

seedlings in muffin tins

Problem posed by Yesenia Cortes:

plants in indoor garden