‘Mathematician’ is a real job?

This semester I’ve been a Graduate Teaching Assistant (GTA) for EDUTL 5005: Equity & Diversity in Education. I’ve immensely enjoyed meeting with my section of 16 students each week to discuss, wrestle with, and pose questions about issues of equity…

orange flowers

Community Garden Experience

Our class took a pleasant community walk around Highland Elementary a few weeks ago.  Our destination was the community garden. The students listened to a presentation by Jazmyn Benjamin, the overseer of the Highland Youth Garden and its participation in…

Choral Counting book cover

Short Book Review

Short Book Review of Franke, Kazemi, & Turrou’s (2018) Choral Counting & Counting Collections: Transforming the PreK – 5 Math Classroom. A couple weeks ago, Dr. Chao passed around an attractive, alliterating book title which captured the image of children…

Community Gardens and Decolonizing Math Nostalgia

Community Gardens and Decolonizing Math Nostalgia

  Feeling the liberties of being a post-doc, I joined Dr. Chao’s class on the Teaching and Learning of Mathematics in Grades PreK – 3 in their community mathematics walk trip. I am from Aleppo, Syria. I often tell others….