Quiz 1 Study Guide

Quiz 1 will be based on the C Notes and the workshop videos of Lab 1 and Lab 2. It will focus on concepts and there will be NO coding problems. Please review the videos carefully to prepare for the quiz.

Blink LED Demo

After installing CCSv7 and MSP430ware on your computer, create a Empty Project with DriverLib Source with the right target selected (MSP430F5529). Replace the code in main.c file with the attached code. Debug and run the code, you should expect to see your red LED on the Launchpad start blinking.


Welcome to ECE3567

 Welcome to ECE3567, the Microcontroller Lab. I’m Kaylee Ye, your GTA for this course.


Starting from this semester we will be coding in the C language and also using a new Launchpad (MSP-EXP430F5529LP) for all our lab experiments.

It is required for every student in this course to purchase a personal copy of the MSP-EXP430F5529LP: MSP430F5529 USB LaunchPad Evaluation Kit ($12.99). You may purchase it from the following link:
or, from other online stores like Digi-Key or Mouser.

Course Website:
All lab documents will be posted on our course website (http://u.osu.edu/ece3567) and we will use Carmen Canvas only for grades and turning in lab reports.

Start Date:
Please note that our lab will start on the third week of the Semester, meaning that your first lab will be on Sept. 7th, NOT this coming Thursday!

I will see you all in our first lab and good luck in the new semester!