From motorized vehicle to the electric car, electric technology is leading the trend of transportation of evolution. The increased fuel price and global warming issue have stimulated the demand for electric bikes, or e-bikes. Global e-bike sales are expected to grow from 32 million in 2014 to at least 40 million in 2023, according to Navigant Research. Since the large of demand is growing, many e-bike companies have developed the traditional electric bike into a new innovated form.

The Gi FlyBike provides its own app, automatic locking, and foldable frame.

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The bike, called the Gi FlyBike, features smartphone integration and can fold in one second so that it can easily be taken anywhere and stored without a fuss.fold

While the rider wants to ride a normal bike, an “electric flight assistance” feature enables the rider to tap the bike’s electric motor to travel 15 miles per hour with a range of 40 miles of a single charge.

The Gi FlyBike own app can help the rider to access and control different features on the bike, including its GPS system, and LED smart light of front will turn on automatically in dark environment with brightness adjustment available, and rear brake lights shine automatically at the touch of Gi’s hand breaks. The smart lock feature also can be controlled by the riders, which will automatically lock when the rider is 10 feet away from it, and auto-unlock when the rider close to the bike.

There’s even a USB plug on the handlebars where users can charge their smartphone when it’s navigating with the power they generate by pedaling.

A traditional bike chaintpt11_8 can come out easily during riding; the Gi FlyBike uses a belt drive transmission which is steel-reinforce and is free of grease and oil. The belt drive also requires no maintenance, and makes no noise, according to the project’s Kickstarter page.

The flat tire is the most popular issue with traditional bikes, but the Gi FlyBike uses solid-anti puncture tires, which eliminates and withstands any issue of a pneumatic tire- glass, sharp metal objects, nails, and thorns.


The material of tires made by a very special Micro Closed Cell Polymer Resin “Aither”, it provide extremely resistant to wear and the environment, also still provides comfort, minimizes rolling resistance, and provides unprecedented safety, based on it now has the rolling resistance rate that closely matches premium pneumatic city bike tires, which  bring riders closer to ideal bike tire.

Aither compound has a very strong independence, and is extremely durable against any chemical attack from the outside. Thus, the material never get hydrolyzed, aged, degraded, nor do they show any color fading.

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The material of the frame is made by aircraft grade aluminum alloy, which provides a high hardness, high corrosion resistance, and low weight about 37 pounds (average e-bike over 100 pounds), and can be easily stored when its folded in half.