Welcome to Environmental and Spatial Epidemiology (EASE) Lab

Welcome to the EASE lab led by Dr. Jianyong Wu, an assistant professor at the Division of Environmental Health Sciences, the College of Public Health, the Ohio State University, Columbus, OH

The primary goal of the EASE group is to examine the connections between environmental factors and human health outcomes using geographic information system (GIS), statistical modeling and advanced data analytics (e..g, machine learning, cloud computing). Currently, our research focuses on three topics: 1). Look into the effects of green space on childhood autism and Alzheimer’s disease, and the mediated effects of traffic-related air pollution, noise and heat. 2). Investigate the influence of land cover and climate extremes on the occurrence of infectious diseases. 3). Determine risk factors of health outcomes and environmental justice using public health exposome. In the long run, we expect to find novel approaches to mitigate the risk of human diseases and improve public health.