Year in Review!

Wow! That year flew by so quickly! I can’t believe I’m going to be a sophomore in college! Just a year ago I was attending orientation! I was a pre-nursing major at the time and now I am a Health Sciences major. Back then I wanted to still be a doctor, but throughout this year with shadowing, volunteering and taking the hardest classes of my life I have switched to wanting be a physician’s assistant; and who knows what I will want to be by the time I am a junior in college! I thought college was going to be this scary, nerve wrecking, amazing, exciting journey, and I was right! There were times this year I was afraid I wasn’t going to make it and end up transferring, to times where I cried till I fell asleep, but there were also times where I laughed so hard I could cry and made so many great memories to make me smile at night. I’m glad I had HSS through all of it, although the program has great things to offer from volunteering opportunities to mentors, the greatest thing it gave me were amazing friends (some of which I’m living with next year)! Next year through HSS I hope to volunteer even more, hopefully somewhere in the medical field, and I hope to get into research perhaps through the program. Also, I might try to do the STEP program through HSS and make even more friends! I can’t wait to see what next year has in store!

HSS offers many opportunities to get involved in the community and volunteer. Although throughout the year I volunteered under HSS in many forms, my absolute favorite occurred at the beginning of the year! I was fresh out of my parents car and into college when I participated in the Ohio State Day of Service. I was very excited yet nervous that I would get placed somewhere intense. Yet, to my pleasant surprise I got to volunteer at the Cozy Cat Cottage with a ton o f cats!! I love cats to death, I have four at home! When we arrived at the site we got sorted into different groups for what task we would be doing. My roommate were assigned the task of filling syringes for new cats who needed vaccinated. It was so cool to see my passion of medicine combine with my love for cats. Once we were finished with filling the syringes we moved on to help the others clean out some of the transportation boxes for the cats. After that all of us got to play with the cats and hold them for the rest of the time we were at the shelter. The experience overall made me excited to volunteer for the rest of the year! The only down side is about a week later my face and entire body broke out in the worst poison ivy rash I have ever had. I couldn’t sleep on my stomach for days it hurt that bad. Yet, the experience of working in that shelter was worth it!




The last part of my scholars project to explore the opportunities around me included going to do something new! Over the years I have only gone rock climbing about one or two times, however, this time I decided to sign up for a rock climbing class and becoming belay certified, this means that I would be able to belay for other who wanted to climb and hold the ropes for them. The class was $5 which surprised me being that inexpensive! It lasted about an hour, and the instructors taught us how to tie different rock climbing knots, the different belay holders, and we even got to practice hoisting each other up on the free rock wall. After all the instruction the class was over and we were told to come back after 24 hours had passed in order to take the belay test. This was the scariest part, and may have been worse than some of my chemistry finals. The tester was so intense and I felt like I had someone hovering over my shoulder as I tied the figure 8 knot. I luckily got my friend up the wall and safely back down without dropping her or needing the tester’s assistance. Although he had a few pointers for me after the test was over I did pass! He took me over to the registration booth, and printed me a little badge to put around my waist anytime I came back in to climb. I was so proud of myself for accomplishing something brand new while also acquiring another skill!





Another encouragement of my scholars program was to try to go somewhere new! Therefore, although there are several spots to explore around the great city of Columbus I want to explore somewhere a little bit more up my ally. I’m an outdoorsy person, and I love to hike, so one Saturday afternoon I gathered my friends, and piled into my car to head to Hocking Hills Park. Once we arrived we saw many different signs for areas we could explore, and we got set on the one that read “Old Man’s Cave”. I have seen many caves in my life and all I was expecting was to hike down a small trail and find a tiny cave, but wow was I wrong. The trail started off with a waterfall leading to the river we’d be following. The river continued for about 4 miles, which we followed by climbing, walking and jumping around the rocks and trees. Once we headed down a tunnel and climbed a few more steps we finally arrived at the cave! It took me by surprise in its size, and also by the amount of people also there with us. Once we got back to the car (another couple of miles) I was exhausted and ready to head back to school. Overall, the trip was pretty amazing! I really enjoyed getting out of the city and getting back to my roots. If I have the chance next semester or this summer I would love to go back to Hocking Hills and explore more of the trails or see some of the lakes around the are.




Through my scholars program, I was encouraged to try many new things this semester, one of which being trying somewhere new to eat. For my eat requirement I ate an Italian restaurant I had never been to in Columbus with friends. I fell in love with the bread and oil served as an appetizer, and ate scallops which I had never had before! The atmosphere of the restaurant was dark and obviously meant for dates but it gave me an excuse to dress up and curl my hair. Normally I am not a huge fan of seafood but when the scallops were mixed in a cream sauce they tasted like chicken. Overall, the restaurant was awesome, and although the seafood dish was tasty I’m not sure if I would get it again over traditional cheesy lasagna. Dessert, however, was probably the best part of the whole entire meal. We went to this restaurant in celebration of my friend turning 19, so for dessert we ordered a piece of cake for her (which we all tried) but then I ordered a brownie sundae with my roommate, and even being stuffed from the meal, it nearly melted in my mouth. The brownie was so moist and they had drizzled chocolate sauce over the brownie which then mixed in with the ice cream. I would love to return to this restaurant during the next semester for another special occasion, and I would definitely try another meal but I would keep the brownie sundae as my dessert option!

Dinner with friends


Eat. Go. Do.

As a part of my scholars program, I am tasked with a project called “Eat. Go. Do”, in which I will do exactly that! I will try a new experience, place and food! Thus far I have come up with my plan for the project. I am going to try macaroons for the first time from a little shop in German Village, I will go to downtown Columbus to see the Scioto Mile, and I will try making a candle in the Short North!

Final Strategic Life plan

Over the past semester I have been fortunate enough to participate in a Health Science Scholars Seminar. Through this course I have been able to explore various careers options, jobs either I would dislike or enjoy and the path I have to take to achieve my goal of becoming a Physician Assistant. Therefore, through the scholars seminar I have narrowed down my options for careers in the medical field I would actually enjoy, and it required me to create a career back up plan, which I had never thought about. Being in the scholars program opened my eyes to the fact that I truly did not enjoy my major, and pushed me to switch to the major to Health Sciences, which consequently aligns with my scholars program. The seminar this semester also taught me how to utilize many resources on campus, whether counseling or various libraries or tutors around campus. The program offers aid and resources outside of class and academics as well by providing insight into how we should be taking care of ourselves in college and where to go or who to seek if we are having a difficult time physically or mentally. The upperclassmen through the program, however, I would say are the best resource to utilize in any situation because they have been in our shoes, knowing how to handle hard classes or finding the quietest libraries. I hope to get even more out of the weekly meetings next semester even if it is no longer a course.


Professional Resume

Adriane L. Earley

Temporary Address: 120 W 11th Ave Columbus, Ohio 43210

Permanent Address: 3364 Churchill Downs Stow, Ohio 44224

Phone: (330) 697-8178 E-mail:



To attain a Student Assistant position at the Ohio State Wexner Medical Center, for January- May 2016, in the Cardiology Department



The Ohio State University: Columbus, Ohio

Expected Graduation: May 2019

  • Major: Human Nutrition Sciences

Stow-Munroe Falls High School: Stow, Ohio

Graduated: June 2015

  • GPA 4.3/4.5, Participated in National Honor Society, Track & Field, and Key Club


Health Care Volunteer Experience:

Traditions of Bath Road Nursing Home: Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio

Volunteer, June 2011- September 2011

  • Assisted the senior residents during excursions or in activities around the building
  • Retrieved food for resident


Work Experience:

Litehouse Pools and Spas: Stow, Ohio

Cashier/Stock, April 2015-August 2015 (Seasonal)

  • Operated basic computer programs
  • Tested for chemical balance in pool/spa water
  • Attended to any customers within store to best of ability

Care Giver: Stow, Ohio

September 2011- August 2015

  • Provided care for local children of various ages
  • Organized and supervised activities for children to engage in while under care


Honors & Activities:


-Health Sciences Scholars Program: August 2015-Present

  • Selected to learn and live among other students interested in Health Science careers; obtain 40 hours of volunteering or more annually; attend scholars events and service projects; learn of various opportunities and issues in health care

-Future Buckeye Physician Assistants: August 2015-Present


High School:

-National Honors Society Member: May 2014-May 2015

-Stow Track & Field: March 2012-May 2014



  • Proficient in MS Office Applications (MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.), Prezi, and Social Media (Twitter, WordPress)
  • CPR certified
  • Will complete General Chemistry 1 &2 with Lab, Biology 1113 with lab and Sociology 1110 by May 2016

Year in Review

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Global Awareness: Global awareness and diversity can be found everywhere on campus, one of the many reasons I chose Ohio State. I hope to immerse myself in it by perhaps studying abroad or just by who I sit with in class. I plan to find a career in the medical field where there is an abundance of diversity; therefore, to begin seeking global awareness while at school will only open up many doors in the future

Original Inquiry: Research has always been a an interest of mine. To be able to see the work I’ve been doing in classes or with professors become a reality would be quite rewarding. Plus, if research becomes a passion of mine, or even a career path, Ohio State offers unlimited chances to pursue it.

Academic Enrichment: During my freshman year I plan to challenge myself in academically in the courses towards my major, yet I also plan to challenge myself in other courses related to art, history and literature to further enrich my education..

Leadership Development: While a freshman at Ohio State I hope to find opportunities to develop my leadership skills; whether through research, classes, volunteer opportunities or clubs.

Service Engagement: Serving others has always been a passion of mine, and I hope to cultivate that passion further by volunteering at a hospital, an animal shelter or just around Columbus and Ohio State