Hello! My name is Kristina Dutart and I am a  Zoology major on the pre-vet track minoring in Animal Sciences. I am from Peoria, Illinois and a fun fact about me is that I did gymnastics for 13 years. Thank you for visiting my e-Portfolio!

First Semester at OSU

This year has been a whirlwind – between new classes, friends, and clubs it has been tough to adjust and get my bearings. At the beginning of the year, I was very overwhelmed with everything, but as the semester has progressed I feel as if I have become more comfortable with campus and my classes. I’ve met some pretty great friends and joined interesting clubs. I’m so thankful to be a part of Scholars because it has created a community of like-minded people that makes Ohio State seem smaller.

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine – Aquatic Mammals

My career plan as of now is to attend veterinary school after undergrad. I currently would like to focus on aquatic mammals, but that is subject to change. When I graduate from vet school, I either want to work at a small animal clinic or with marine rescue. I also plan on becoming board certified for surgery, but that may come at a later time in my career. My animal experiences include volunteering at PAWS, a local animal shelter in Peoria. I also job shadowed a few veterinarians back in high school.

Scholars Event: Community Commitment

Earlier this semester, a couple of my friends and I participated in Community Commitment, which was an event focused on community service and volunteering. We were assigned to pick up trash in the neighborhoods just outside of campus. The day wasn’t as exciting as I was hoping, but I did learn a lot from this experience. First of all, I realized that litter is a major problem on campus and off campus and that we need to work together to improve the environment. It was a rewarding day, and I would definitely recommend Community Commitment to anyone that is looking for a way to get involved in service.


Global Awareness: I plan to study abroad sometime in the near future, hopefully somewhere where I can incorporate service at the same time. One of the countries I am interested in studying in is South Africa. Living in South Africa and being able to interact with the wildlife up close would be very interesting and undoubtedly educational. I am also interested in studying abroad somewhere with diverse marine life where I can learn more about the ocean and its inhabitants. Wherever I decide to go, I definitely want to incorporate service into the trip. I hope to enrich my education while helping others.

Original Inquiry: The Zoology major at Ohio State offers students a unique opportunity to get involved at Stone Laboratory on Lake Erie. Taking credits at this island campus would allow me to fulfill course requirements along with participating in research.

Academic Enrichment: To challenge myself, I plan on taking classes that are out of my comfort zone and trying my best to be successful in those classes. Academic Enrichment also includes taking classes that are different from my major courses and something that I wouldn’t normally take. These classes will serve to open my mind to other ways of thinking.

Leadership Development: Since I am pre-vet, leadership is something that is really important to me. Vet schools aren’t just looking for how many clubs or activities you have been a part of, but instead they are looking for depth of experiences. Leadership can be demonstrated in many ways, but one of the ways that I plan to demonstrate my leadership skills is becoming a member of the Pre-Vet Club Executive Board.

Service Engagement: While research, study abroad, academic enrichment, and leadership are important to becoming well-rounded and educated, it is important to develop your character, as well. Community service allows you to take a step back and focus on other people and their needs instead of your own. I plan to get involved in more than 10 hours of service per semester, and to try to diversify my experiences. I will begin volunteering in the ICU at the Ohio State University Veterinary Hospital after fall break. I hope to gain valuable knowledge about the profession, as well as learn how to more efficiently work with others to achieve a common goal.

Peoria Zoo


When I was 16, during the summer between my sophomore and junior year of high school, I volunteered at the Peoria Zoo. This experience was the first stepping stone toward my goal of becoming a veterinarian. It was also my first (semi) professional interview and chance to be independent. Volunteering itself was a lot of fun, and I learned a lot during my time at the Zoo. One thing that sticks out in my memory was learning that it takes a lot of work and dedication to make a Zoo successful and comfortable for the animals. I also realized that if you want a higher up position, such as director or keeper, it takes time, and you have to work your way up. All in all, volunteering at Peoria Zoo was a great experience, and I definitely want to find something similar to do in the future.


Hi, my name is Kristina Dutart. I am so excited to be a part of the Scholars Program at THE Ohio State University. I plan to use the opportunities that this program offers to challenge myself and become more well-rounded. During high school, I participated in competitive gymnastics and diving. I was an officer for the Teens for Life Club and am a passionate pro-life advocate. My favorite instrument to listen to and to play is the piano; I have been playing since I was about five years old. I spend my free time volunteering in animal shelters and shadowing local veterinarians in my hometown. I am an aspiring veterinarian, and I am motivated to use my love for animals and science to contribute to the veterinary world. Attached is a picture of me when I scrubbed in on a TPLO surgery on a dog in an animal hospital in Santa Rosa, California!