Tips to Working In a Group


Working in a group can be difficult and frustrating if you are unprepared about what to expect going in to it. The key to working in a group is to have open and respectful communication, as well as the ability to be a leader and a supporter. Many times, people will have different ideas of how things should be done, how a problem should be tackled, and what the correct solution is. In these situations, it is important to listen to others ideas and give open but respectful feedback to successfully move forward. Without this, the group can become hostile and the work environment will be one in which the group cannot progress.
In addition to this respectful communication, each individual must remember that taking a support role is equally as important as a leadership role. Without leadership, it will be difficult to solve the problems presented. However, respect and support for others ideas are equally as important as giving direction because without support there is a possibility that great ideas may be lost. With the mixture of respectful communication, leadership, and support, working in a group can be very productive and beneficial.