Helpful Technologies for Groupwork

When working in a group, communication is very important when trying to decide who is doing what and when you want to have it all complete by.  Before this class my groups relied solely on email after email, which ended up getting very hard to keep track of and in the end made it a lot harder on us as a group.  After taking this class I was able to learn about all of the tools and technologies that are out there and available for us to use to make our lives easier when it comes to group work.  Some of my more useful technologies that I think could help anyone who is in a group are listed below!

Carmen connect is a very useful tool that I did not know about until this class.  Carmen Connect does a very good job of connecting everyone in your group and letting you all be in the same online group chat while also seeing slides that your group members have done.  My first time using it was for our first group project in this class and I can say that I came out of our online meeting confident in our work and that we had gotten everything done that we needed to.  I also really like the conversation feature on carmen connect where anyone in your group is able to chime in and say what they are thinking and if they think anything needs to be changed.


Buckeye Box:


Buckeye box is a cloud storage that is free and easy to use for and Ohio State student.  We used this a lot when trying to compile our presentation and get it all put together so it flowed smoothly.  It was very nice to be able to see everyone else’s work and be able to base what I had to do


Buckeye mail:

When we first got started in our groups, the only way to reach out to the other group members was through buckeye mail.  It is always very important to keep up on your mailbox and make sure you are reading everything so you do not miss anything important.  After getting started on buckeye mail, we then switched to iMessage.  Buckeye mail is a good first informer, yet it sometimes lacks in response time because logging on can take so long.


Group iMessage:

After getting our group together through buckeye mail, we switched to iMessage.  iMessage is a fast and easy way to stay connected with your group.  This worked very well for us and I would do it again and would recommend it to someone else.