Beautiful photos and a nice article on the Copper River (link). Via Faith.

Congrats, Dongyue! Link here.

Via NASA, SMAP’s launch is on Thursday, at (I believe) around 9:15 am, with coverage starting at 8:45 on NASA TV (link).

These are some amazing, double-take-inducing photos from photographer Marko Korosec Slovenia: More here. via Faith, of course.

The Delaware Aqueduct is under repairs. From the NYT: The tunnel will parallel and eventually bypass a long-troubled section of the Delaware Aqueduct, through which New York City receives about half of its 1.1-billion-gallon-a-day water supply. This part of the…

Via Slate. Click through for a link to a YouTube video. Tons of lake-effect snow!

To celebrate the anniversary of the Matternhorn ascent, Robert Bösch and others hiked into the alps and staged a ton of crazy shots. Here’s one: One of the shots from the photoshoot On BoredPanda. Via Faith.

Do snow-dominated basins have lower or higher runoff ratios?

The recent Nature Climate Change paper by Berghuijs et al. analyzed the MOPEX catchments. Interestingly, they found that streamflow is greater for snowmelt-dominated catchments: In their Fig 1b, they show that basins with snow:precipitation ratio of 0.6 vs. 0.2 would…

Via Engadget. So cool:

Ben Vander Jagt has won an ION graduate student award (link). Congratulations, Ben!