Teachers measure how much water has infiltrated through various types of soil in soup cans.

New Resource for Teaching Hydrology in High School & Middle School

As part of a project funded via the NSF Geoscience and Education, we worked with Jason Cervenec (BPCRC outreach coordinator) and Steven Gordon (Ohio Supercomputer Center), and with Howard Greene (College of Engineering Diversity & Outreach), to help develop a…

Layer cake snow stratigraphy

Layer cake snow stratigraphy

A bunch of us (me, Ben, Jinmei, Melissa, and Rhae Sung) just got back from participating in a field course led by Noah Molotch (UC Boulder). We were hosted by Storm Peak Lab (SPL); SPL is directed by Gannet Hallar…

Gorgeous photo of Copper River delta

Beautiful photos and a nice article on the Copper River (link). Via Faith.

Dongyue featured in Dispatch article on building a snowman

Congrats, Dongyue! Link here.

SMAP launch in three days

Via NASA, SMAP’s launch is on Thursday, at (I believe) around 9:15 am, with coverage starting at 8:45 on NASA TV (link).

No more riming now, I mean it!

These are some amazing, double-take-inducing photos from photographer Marko Korosec Slovenia: More here. via Faith, of course.