I am a third year astronomy graduate student at The Ohio State University.

My research interests revolve around systematically and uniformly characterizing exoplanets. My first work on this theme is the paper “K2, Spitzer, and TESS Transits of Four Sub-Neptune Exoplanets”, Duck et al. 2021. This work began as my undergraduate thesis with Prof. Drake Deming. Here we reanalyze K2-36c, K2-79b,K2-167b, and K2-212b with new Spitzer observations and in the case of K2-167b the most recent TESS observations. We used the EVEREST package to efficiently detrend systematic noise in the K2 light curves, providing a photometric precision within a factor of 2 of the original Kepler mission. We then leverage the long baseline between the Spitzer and K2 observations to reduce transit central time uncertainties by an order of magnitude compared to previously published ephemeris. Our paper is available on ArXiv and accepted by the Astronomical Journal.


Currently, I am working with Prof. Scott Gaudi at The Ohio State University to investigate the differences in planet parameters that arise from different methods of breaking the mass radius degeneracy in the host star.