LulzBot Prints

Yasuo – Model printed of a character from the game League of Legends.

Apollo 15 Landing Site – This object will be used for sited and unsighted demonstrations of the Astronauts trip to the moon with the Lunar Rover from Apollo 15.

4 Stroke Air Powered Engine –  Designed to be a self powered air engine that powers a self made air compressor that provides pressurized air back to the engine.

Antenna Stand – The object is used as a stand to test the conformality of the antenna which is used for self flying drones

Dual-color Octopus – An octopus created to test dual extrusion on our printers.

Tree Stump Planter – A planter that will be used to hold a small plant.

Substrat Support – Used in an aquascape hardscape layout.

Flexi-Cat – Used in a classroom demonstration.

Container – Will serve as a container to hold objects.

Ski Village Houses – Houses for a ski village that have little pegs on the side help them connect to form a village.

The Inn – Modeling an inn for ponies.


Black&Decker Laptop – Based off of the visual brand language of Black&Decker tools.


Milwaukee Handheld Spotlight Concept Design – Prototype design for a class project in order to understand the ergonomics and improve on the design.

Battery Holders – organization and storage of batteries

Hood for AEV – It will be apart of an AEV project to help with reducing drag and optimizing design.

Wrench – useful tool

Valentine Photo Stand – holds photos

Figurine – Will be painted and displayed and possibly used in games

Bottle Opener – Removes bottle caps

Headphone cable manager – Wrap extra head phone cable around it so that it does not get tangled.

Top – Spinning top model

AEV Protection Cage – The object is a protection cage for an autonomous vehicle.

Weather Anemometer – This object can be used to measure weather conditions. It’s primary purpose it to be on display in a class art show.

Vac Filter Adapter – This will be used to create as an attachment for a vacuum to collect dust samples from carpet for fungal and bacterial analysis. It will help quantify and sequence the indoor microbiome as it relates to public health.

AEV Mount 1.0 – Object is a mount for an AEV (Autonomous Vehicle). Which means it will hold all the parts of the AEV including sensors, brackets, and microcontroller.

Sanding Stick – A customizable base used for securing sand paper.


Warehouse – Model to play with.

Picture Frame – Used to frame pictures in office.

Heatsink – This part is used to demonstrate how the cooling system assembly looks like in a high power density power module design for an electric aircraft.

D&D figures – figures for tabletop games

Paraspirifer bownockeri – A model created from an XCT scan of fossil brachiopod.

Trackball Stand – stand used to hold a trackball at an angle to help with RSI.

Meeseeks Box – A case meant for a cube shaped speaker that has the appearance of a Meeseeks Box from the popular TV show Rick and Morty

MRE Driver (x8) – MRE driver for introducing vibrations into the chest which will be captured by MRI to test the stiffness of an internal organ of interest.

Ruined Tower – Gaming Model, made to be painted as a hobby project

Marble Maze – A 3D printed maze that you can drop a marble into and watch it slide around. It exemplifies some of the more creative options for what can be made with a 3D printer

3D Brain – This object will be displayed in a lab as a sample of how slices from a MRI scan can be converted into a 3D printed brain to show individuals what their brain looks like.

Headphone Holder – Holds headphones for a lab.

Indoor Blimp Chassis – Prototype chassis for class lab.

Control Box Parts – These parts are the cover and supporter of the bottom side of a prototype of a power box.

Mickey Mouse Ornament – A magnet will be glued to the back to become a fridge magnet for a Christmas present.

Store Tail Mount – A payload mount for the Ohio State Design/Build/Fly competition team’s UAV.

Eiffel Tower – will be publicly displayed in knowlton hall and evaluated by staff and graduate students for a structural analysis class project.

TV Remote Control Button – This is a button that will be integrated into a remote control adapted for a disabled boy with limited motor function.


Articulated Toy Dino and Two Articulated Slugs – Articulated toys that can flex along jointed links like chains

Toothpaste Tube Squeezer – Used to squeeze toothpaste from bottom of tube

Measuring Cube And Ocarina – Ocarina is a musical instrument and the measuring cube can measure various measurements from 1/4 teaspoon up to a cup

Knurled Twisted Container – Personal storage

Caesar Pen Holder – A model bust of Julius Caesar edited to hold pens in its backside.

Salginatobel Bridge – A small scale model of the Salginatobel Bridge in Switzerland.

Robot Right Hand – Pieces that can be assembled into a robotic right hand. It will be used to study and develop ways to control entire robots using a neural connection.

Pump Bracket -Bracket made to hold a small pump. The large hole will hold a DC motor and secure it to an internal tray of an underwater robotic fish.

Japanese Water Fountain – This will be utilized as a sensory tool and a talking point for pop culture references

Logo Emblem – This is an emblem to be place on a car

Pill Bottle – Empty pill bottle for use in a still life project for 3D Art

Passive Driver for Magnetic Resonance Elastography (MRE) – This object will be placed on a volunteer to produce vibrations into their body.

 Photographic Sweep Tool – Pieces assemble to act as a paper stand for a photographic backdrop.

Ice Cube Tray – An ice cube tray that will make 36 ice cubes that are 2x2x2 cm.

Air Spinner -An adjunct tool to assist with pediatric speech and respiratory therapy.

USB, SD, MicroSD Holder – Holds USB drives, SD cards and MicroSD cards

 Death Star Christmas Ornament – A Death Star shaped ornament for decorating a Christmas tree

GPC Vial Holder – Object is a 6×8 13mm slot vial holder to be used for holding 12mm vials.

Display Housing – A case to hold arduino, wiring, and LCD display for a Ride Height Management System

3D Printed Electric Guitar Body Chassis – Parts will assemble to form the chassis and body of a personally designed electric guitar setup

Section 1 L – Additional piece for Mr print. This piece fits an underwater servo that links the body of the fish to its tail

 Yoda Using Force – Will be used by a mental health clinician for youth as a talking point and sensory tool

 Mr – These parts are for an underwater robotic fish’s tail. The tail is controlled by 4 underwater servos.

 Mouse holders – These objects will be used to image the brains of live mice in a humane, veterinary approved fashion for original neuroscience research.

 Goblin Miniature – D&D Miniature

 Ring Attachment – Used to attach a key ring

 Key-switch Opener – Opens Mechanical key-switches

 Mountain Top – The first piece in a set to create a ski mountain for smaller 3D printed people to ski on


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