Vinyl & Paper Cutting, Perforation and Scoring

The Digital Union Prototyping Studio has a Cricut Maker on hand to work with flat media like paper, fabric, adhesive vinyl and more. It can cut many materials, and with the additional accessories on hand, can also draw, etch, score and perforate.

The DU does have some materials on hand, but anyone making multiple projects, or exceptionally large projects may be asked to provide their own materials. If you do choose to bring your own materials, you MUST have your materials approved using the form before dropping them off for the item to be produced. You may even request approval of the material before you purchase it.

All materials must be no larger than 12″ x 24″.

The following is a list of general materials that will be approved for use on the Cricut Maker. (This list is not all exhaustive.):

  • Paper 
  • Cardstock 
  • Adhesive Vinyl 
  • Iron on/Heat Transfer Vinyl 
  • Kraftboard/light cardboard 
  • Aluminum sheets (engraving only) 
  • Some fabrics (please use the material approvals form for information on the suitability of a particular fabric) 
  • Leather (knife blade only) 
  • Some wood veneer (knife blade only) 
  • Stencil plastic 
  • Other paper weight items (sticker papers, labels, foils, window cling, transfer sheets, etc.) 


The DU provides a range of colors of light weight card stock, and a range of Oracal permanent adhesive vinyl, and white prototyping cardboard (ie chipboard). Additional materials such as Kraftboard, etc. may be available but cannot be guaranteed.

The Cricut uses proprietary software called DesignSpace, or you can design your project in any program which can export a vector file (best is .svg) such as Adobe Illustrator, or Inkscape. Our staff can assist in connecting your cricut account to our machine, or in uploading your design file to our DU account.