Laser Cutting & Engraving

The Digital Union Prototyping Studio has a Glowforge Plus which can be used to engrave, etch and cut a variety of materials. The machine is operated by staff only, but anyone at OSU can request a project be produced.

  • Files for cutting and scoring should be delivered in vector format, preferably in .svg format.
  • Files for engraving can be vector (svg) or bitmap (png) format.

Request Laser Cutting/Engraving

The DU has some materials on hand, but anyone making multiple projects, or exceptionally large projects may be asked to provide their own materials. If you do choose to bring your own materials, you MUST have your materials approved using the form before dropping them off for the item to be produced. You may even request approval of the material before you purchase it.

All materials must be no larger than 18” x 20.5” x 2”. The following is a general list of approved and disapproved materials, but is not all inclusive. Materials should be flat, not cylindrical.

For Glowforge, materials that will likely be approved include:

  • Cardboard (not all will be approved) 
  • Acrylic, Lucite and Plexiglas 
  • Wood 
  • MDF 
  • Fabric, except plastic-backed (please use the material approvals form for information on the suitability of a particular fabric) 
  • Leather (Genuine only, NOT pleather or vegan leather) 
  • Glass (can be etched only) 
  • Ceramic Tile (can be etched only, cannot have adhesive backing) 

Materials which can NEVER be used in the Glowforge (This list is NOT all inclusive. Any materials not on the approved list should never be cut without approval, due to the potential to damage the laser or create toxic fumes.) 

  • Vinyl/PVC (We do have a vinyl cutter if your project involves vinyl)
  • Adhesive backed products 
  • Styrofoam/Polystyrene 
  • Foam of any type 
  • Resin/Epoxy 
  • Pleather/faux leather 
  • Plastic (3d prints cannot be put into the Glowforge) 

If you wish to produce an object using your own materials, you MUST get prior approval for the material with the material request form. You may seek approval before or after purchasing the material.