3D Printing Request Form

Please note: Because our services are free of charge, we have a very high volume, and are therefore unable to promise prints being done within a given amount of time. Therefore, if your print is for a class project with a deadline, you may wish to use another service.

For more information, visit odee.osu.edu/3d-printing. This is the submission form only.

Important Note: The maximum size of our build plates is 254 mm x 254 mm x 210 mm (10 in x 10 in x 8.27 in). If the file that you submit is too large, it will be rejected.

First & Last
Format: name.#@osu.edu Use OSU name.#. Example: buckeye.1@osu.edu
Staff may call with updates on your submission.
Please do not abbreviate.
What do you call your print?
Model will be printed in 2nd color preference if 1st is not available.
What is your object? Example: Chess Piece
How is the use, creation, or display of this object innovative, interesting, or meaningful?

Maximum file size: 52.22MB

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