Happy 1 Month Anniversary!

Our 3D Printing Pilot began one one month from today, on January 12th, and we have already amassed over 500 submissions! We’re thrilled that you’re thrilled! Due to the massive demand, we are currently prioritizing submissions for work, research, or class use. We are also interested in any submissions that look particularly innovative, creative, inventive, useful, and important. Think less on the scale of trinkets, decorations, and Block-O’s….we want to help you make things like prototypes, prosthetics, creative solutions, teaching/research tools, and art!

2 blue half circles pictured on a soft white background. The two pieces have complimentary openings that lock together.

Holder for use in development of a production version of a camera filter adapter.

Each object can take anywhere from 1 hour to 2 days to print, depending on the size, complexity, and infill. Our end date for accepting submissions is March 16th, after which we will examine information from your submissions, staff and technicians’ assessments, and discussions with other 3d printing experts across the university. A report will be made based on our research to determine if and how we may continue to offer 3D printing broadly, effectively, and sustainably here at OSU.

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