Dog Runs on 3d Printed Prosthetics

This happy pup can run now thanks to 3d printed prosthetics! See article for full story and video.

2 thoughts on “Dog Runs on 3d Printed Prosthetics

  1. My Puppy is about 10 years old
    They said she had bone cancer in the winter of 2014.. but except for her leg she seems to be doing fine
    lays down most of the time
    I thought maybe the osu vet people might do some experimental things with prosthetics

    Here is a video clip of her in June

    I saw some information on producing plastic parts with a laser I believe.
    I thought body fitting could be custom for individual pups.

    I think the leg might be causing her pain, she licks it a lot.. thinking if she had it cut off (assuming the cancer did not spread other places) that would take care of the pain but she couldn’t get up to go out to the pot.
    She is too big for me to carry 🙁
    Here she is again


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