Ohio State Drupal Users Group Meeting – March 22, 2018

The Ohio State Drupal Users Group is having its March 2018 meeting in 141 Sullivant Hall (the Collaboratory) on Thursday, March 22, 2018, 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm. One of the topics of discussion with be Drupal site hosting, which will probably get into hosting on cloud platforms like Pantheon or Acquia. The university also runs a hosting service that’s available for Ohio State Colleges and Departments to use. The OCIO hosting service offers some Drupal-specific information about installing, backing up, and restoring Drupal 7 and Drupal 8 websites. In Drupal 8, drush commands can be used to create backups and migrate a site from a development account to a production account. Cloud hosting services, like Pantheon or Acquia, also offer DEv, Test, and Live (production) environments and methods to move (deploy) site data between them.


There is a Sullivant Hall Collaboratory and Rotunda Reservation Request form available that other groups from the university can use to reserve that space.


Including alt text on images with CK-Editor

CK-Editor is a popular WYSIWYG editor powering rich text fields in Drupal site updating and WordPress blog post writing. It’s important for site builders/blog authors to know how to add alternative text to images uploaded with this editor to meet the accessibility needs of their audiences.  Drupal 7 typically supports the 4.6.2 edition of CK-Editor.
To specify alternative text on an image in Drupal 7’s CK-Editor:
– Right click on the image you what to add text on and choose ‘Image Properties’.
– Enter your alt text under the ‘Alternative Text’ field and hit ‘OK’
Learn more about HTML and CK-Editor accessibility techniques in my other blog posts or ODEE’s resource center.
Adding alt text on an image in CK-Editor

Adding alt text on an image in CK-Editor

It can also be beneficial to include a title and alt text on hyperlinks. To add alt text to a link with CK-Editor click the ‘Advanced’ tab and add your alternative text under ‘Advisory Tile’ (becomes both a hover tool-tip and alt text for the link). It’s a good idea to include the word ‘website’ in your links to external sites to inform readers that they are going to a new site.

Page Layout with the Delta & Context Modules Tutorial Videos

Page Layout with the Delta & Context Modules Tutorial Videos:

Context Layouts Module Video:

Change Drupal Theme Settings for Specific pages with Delta and Context Screencast: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g7rCnn8pz50

Drupal 7 Context module – Daily Dose of Drupal episode 72: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ce0xGiYkryk
Shows how to use Context to display only certain blocks on the homepage.

Control your Drupal Page Layout with Context and Delta: http://www.mediacurrent.com/blog/control-your-drupal-page-layout-context-and-delta

How to Configure Drupal 7’s Omega Theme and Delta & Context Modules – Advanced Ubercart Sites #5:

Delta Tutorial: Creating Custom Page Layouts with Delta

My Drupal CMS Training Method

When there is a certain Drupal CMS (content management system) problem that’s applicable to a lot of people in my department I write a tutorial about the topic. For example, if staff members are having trouble uploading and linking to PDFs in Drupal I compose a tutorial about that to help with the sometimes counterintuitive interface. I then take screenshots showing key steps in the process.

To begin training on a certain Drupal topic I first write a tutorial sheet which helps reinforce my own knowledge of the subject. Screenshots in the tutorial publication help visually illustrate key steps in the process. After editing and review of the tutorial from my colleagues I put it in our Drupal Authors & Editors Carmen (D2L LMS) course. After that I grant access to the Drupal training online course area in the Carmen LMS and ask the user to review the tutorials handouts posted there before setting an appointment for one on one training.

person typing in Drupal

For the actual appointment I like to meet with the person in their own environment (office or work area) with a familiar computer. I use the tutorial sheet as a script and go through the tasks step by step. If someone has experience with another CMS like WordPress I try to relate what I’m saying about Drupal to that system. Editing a page in Drupal is not dissimilar to editing a piece of course content in Carmen.

After the training session, to start them off with editing their section’s web content, I usually point out some areas of their website that could use improvement. Many times links to external sites have become broken because URLs on those sites have changed. Many people only look at their web content once or twice a quarter and might not notice links becoming out of date. In the training I show users how to update links via the tools in CK-Editor.


I enjoy working with CMS and LMS systems and like to empower users to contribute to their organization through training and systems design. When a community is working together on web content the organization benefits.

List of Omega theme video tutorials

A list of Drupal 7 Omega theme video tutorials available online.

The Drupal Omega Theming on Vimeo:

You can change you .info file via the Drupal UI:

An Overview of Omega Theme:

Drupal Tutorials #58 – Drupal Theming with Omega 101 – 4 Omega Settings https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4F6CzuuO3Qw

The Drupalize Me Omega series:
– An intro to the series
– An Omega overview and introduction to  terminology

The Omega theme system

Useful responsive themes for Drupal

The Adaptive Theme:
The OpenFolio distribution uses this theme as a base. I’ve used this distribution before on an image gallery site. Seems to be a reasonable Drupal solution to managing a photo gallery.

The Omega Theme:
I’m currently using Omega 3, but Omega 4 is now available. The starter theme, known as Alpha, includes a number of predefined regions for content that align to a 12 column grid. The CSS is said to be based on the popular 960 grid system. It’s nice to be able to modify layouts via the Drupal UI in the theme’s Appearance settings. By using Omega 3, Delta, and Context together it’s possible to easily give pages or sections of your website custom layouts.

I created a theme-regions-diagram in Adobe Illustrator showing the lower regions of a prototype homepage. Although the grid columns and regions are invisible they are important to theming and page layout. It’s important the graphic designers creating wireframes, visual mockups, or graphics that fit in certain areas of the layout be familiar with the regions available.



Popular subthemes based on Omega:

List of popular subthemes:

The ST Conch Theme: