Useful responsive themes for Drupal

The Adaptive Theme:
The OpenFolio distribution uses this theme as a base. I’ve used this distribution before on an image gallery site. Seems to be a reasonable Drupal solution to managing a photo gallery.

The Omega Theme:
I’m currently using Omega 3, but Omega 4 is now available. The starter theme, known as Alpha, includes a number of predefined regions for content that align to a 12 column grid. The CSS is said to be based on the popular 960 grid system. It’s nice to be able to modify layouts via the Drupal UI in the theme’s Appearance settings. By using Omega 3, Delta, and Context together it’s possible to easily give pages or sections of your website custom layouts.

I created a theme-regions-diagram in Adobe Illustrator showing the lower regions of a prototype homepage. Although the grid columns and regions are invisible they are important to theming and page layout. It’s important the graphic designers creating wireframes, visual mockups, or graphics that fit in certain areas of the layout be familiar with the regions available.



Popular subthemes based on Omega:

List of popular subthemes:

The ST Conch Theme: