Giving views-generated pages from Drupal unique titles to improve site SEO

There is a higher priority ‘Title found on more than one page’ SEO checkpoint in Monsido that highlights webpages with duplicate titles. Many times pages generated by Drupal Views will have duplicate titles and most of the pages in the Pharmacy site failing that checkpoint are caused by Views.
There is a Metatag: Views sub-module that ships with the main Metatags module that can fix the issues be giving Views pages unquie titles. A webpage title is the text entered in the <title> tag, can be different from the main page <h1>, and isn’t always seen easily in all browsers. Internet Explorer 11 still shows the page title in the top of a window. The Metatag: Views sub-module allows you to set the page title independenly of the main <h1> heading.

In Views UI the Metatag: Views sub-module adds a new Meta tags area in you view where you can override the page title.  Then in the Page Title field you can use tokens to give the views-generated page a unquie title. For example you could use:
[view:title] [page:title]
[view:title] [site:name]
Many times views generated pages will just use the View Title casing a lot of pages with duplicate tiles. Enabling the Metatag: Views sub-module and setting an override with tokens can fix the duplicate title SEO problem.
See this Advanced Page Titles Using Drupal Views article for more information.