Drupalcamp PA 2016 User Experience Morning

Drupalcamp PA, happening today (7/30/16) at the University of Pittsburgh, is a great venue for learning more about Drupal, the open-source content management system. This morning there are a number of sessions about improving the editor/author/site-builder user experience. I was most impressed about what can be done with the Paragraphs module. CKEditor plugins are another option.

Creating Reusable Pattern Libraries with Paragraphs: http://www.drupalcamppa.org/session/creating-reusable-pattern-library-paragraphs
Great session about using the Paragraphs module to create reusable pattern libraries that can be exported to other Drupal sites. The presenter setup content types for Paragraphs and was able to export them to another Drupal instance using the Bundle Copy module. He covered how Atomic Design and planning applies to setting up content types for the Paragraphs module.

CKEditor is the preferred WYSIWYG of the Drupal community and is now in D8 core. From the presentation about CKEditor Plugins I learned that pre-made layouts of varying numbers of columns may be added to the editor and other plugins can be installed to improve the user experience: http://www.drupalcamppa.org/session/bringing-editor-experience-new-level-ckeditor-custom-and-contributed-plugins
Various other contributed modules from the CKEditor community may be used to improve the site builder/editor experience and improve their productivity.