Best online HTML editors?

I’m working on compiling and list of reasonable online HTML editors that may be used when one doesn’t have access to their favorite IDE, text editor, or web design program.

1) QuakIt Online HTML Editor – Full:

Good features:
– Has lot of options, a predefined styles list, and pre-populated list of fonts.
– Has HTML tag and CSS properties reference lists.
– Looks like the WYSIWYG editor used by WordPress.
– Adds in the <html>, <head>, <title>, and <body> tags.

2) ContentBuilder.js Online Editor:
This WYSIWYG HTML Editor has the most modern look of the online editors I reviewed. It allows web builders with less experienece with HTML to create more sophisicated layouts.

Here are some interesting features of the ContentBuilder.js Online Editor:
– Allows you to build page layouts by dragging blocks from the right side
– The menu at the top allows you to sort by the type of block.
– Right-clicking brings up formatting tools and a <> button that can show the HTML code of a block.

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Content Inventories

A content inventory is a deliverable used in the planning phase of a web design process. It’s a spreadsheet listing pages in the website by section or category. Details to inform the web team regarding frequency of updates may be included. For example if a page should be updated annually it’s noted in the entry about that page. One could consider a content inventory as a sitemap in outline format with more detail about each page. The outline may be organized by the hierarchical categories used in a website. Notes and color coding may be included to indicate the status of certain pages; whether they need improvements or updating.