Second Year Project

As part of the second-year experience in the IA Scholars program, all members are required to complete a second-year project. I decided to complete research on rape culture in different countries, specifically their points of origin and how they differ from rape culture in the US. I specifically focused on South Korea, South Africa, the Netherlands, and Nicaragua, as well as the United States.

This project is important to me for several reasons. Firstly, it helped me figure out my major and minor. It confirmed I had an interest in international topics as well as women’s rights. Thus, it guided me down the path toward an International Studies major and a WGSS minor. Secondly, my research and resulting thirty page paper was the result of a lot of “elbow grease”. It took hours of research, several late nights, and a lot of writing and rewriting. The project symbolizes what my work ethic can bring about. Lastly, when I presented it to the first-year IA scholars and showed it to my fellow second-years, I was able to raise awareness about the persistence of rape culture and how we as an international society can bring about change.

Below, I have attached my final research paper.

Scholars Paper-19pxg8l

2017-2018 Year In Review

During my sophomore year at OSU, I feel like I found my place on campus. I was a little lost and confused my freshman year, especially in terms of my major. Not only have I declared my major–World Business and Economy–but I also declared two minors—Business Administration and Women, Gender, and Sexualities Studies. Not only has this helped me figure out potential career paths and my passions, but it has also given me access to advisors, faculty connections, academic and professional opportunities, and an entire community, among others.

Also during my freshman year, I had difficulty finding the right social activities for myself. I really wanted something that could allow me to meet new people and ultimately great friends, but I am not a partier or an extravert, so whenever I tried different activities, I felt a little out of place. Moreover, I did not want it to interfere with my classes, and a lot of the clubs and extracurriculars did not give me that option. Thus, I was very lost.

However, I ended up going through formal recruitment and joined the sorority Alpha Omicron Pi. Not only do they place a lot of emphasis on our studies and refrain from pressuring girls to party or drink, but they also share a lot of my values. They’ve provided me a home that I did not previously have.

Overall, I feel like I have finally made OSU my home. I no longer feel as lost or confused.


Global Awareness:

I spent both of my spring breaks while at OSU taking part in the Scholars Study Abroad Program. During March 2017, I and a few other students studied in Mexico. In March 2018, a large group of students and I studied in Czechia.

Combined with my lack of experience with the Mexican culture and the current rhetoric about the people and the country, I knew fairly little about Mexico. My perception about different cultures and countries was also limited to that of an American perspective because I had not developed a broader, global perspective. However, after my trip, I had a better understanding of Mexico and I had a greater appreciation for the world’s diversity. I also no longer looked at the world simply as an American. I also consider the thoughts and feelings of those in Latin America, which serves to widen my global perspective.









The trip to Czechia and the class I took beforehand (Slavic 2345) increased my awareness about Czech culture. Through the program, I learned about aspects of Czechia’s culture including theater, food, artistic movements, economy, religion, and history.

Lastly, I also formed new friendships with girls in my class while in Prague. These girls are all so different and come from places all over the country. They have unique interests and are all contributing in different ways to OSU’s campus through their studies, extracurriculars, and/or careers. Thus, by meeting and getting to know new people, I became more aware about the diversity in my very own community.

Original Inquiry:

I have made some contributions to scholarly inquiry and research. I just finished an independent research project studying rape culture in different countries (Nicaragua, South Africa, India, the Netherlands, the United States, and South Korea). I investigated the causes, effects, solutions, role of feminism, and similarities and differences between each country’s rape culture. I also completed a similar research paper in the spring of 2017, in which I examined rape culture in the United States, specifically its origins.


Academic Enrichment:

I chose the courses I have taken because I felt they could help me grow and develop as a person. I have taken classes in Women’s Studies, Sociology, Film, Environmental Science, Greek Literature, Political Science, etc. in order to give me a greater understanding of how the world works and operates so I have a greater awareness of my community on a national and international scale. My International Studies major furthers this. I have also challenged myself to take courses with which I have no experience, such as Calculus I, Earth Science, Economics, Statistics, and Computer Science, which demonstrates I am willing to learn new information in unfamiliar subjects, a clear commitment to academic excellence.

Service Engagement:

I was a member of Partnering Up for Pets, which allowed me to spend a few hours a week volunteering at the Franklin County Dog Shelter. Volunteering at the shelter allowed me to make a huge impact on the safety and security of dogs in Columbus and to educate the public on the importance of removing animals from abusive homes. I enjoyed my work at the shelter, and going forward, I hope to be involved in similar activities during my time at OSU.


I am also a member of the sorority, Alpha Omicron Pi. One of the requirements of my membership is that I complete service hours every semester. As a result, I have partaken in different volunteer opportunities that I normally would not have. For example, I took part in OSU’s Spring Into Service by helping volunteers clean up and improve the wooded area by the industrial agriculture building.

PUP Badge

This fall, I joined Partnering Up for Pets, a student organization that works to provide volunteers for the Franklin County Dog Shelter. Students usually carpool together and spend an hour or two assisting staff with tasks, for example ensuring all dogs are walked at least once a day. While there, I am required to wear a badge to signal I am a volunteer who is allowed to handle the dogs.

The badge is significant for two reasons. Firstly, it signifies my continuing commitment to volunteering. I have extensive experience with community service, including eight years managing and assisting with various programs at Saint Mark’s Episcopal Church in Upper Arlington, Ohio; a year at Tridia Hospice in Columbus, Ohio; and participation in 4 Paws 4 Ability during the fall of 2016.

It is also signifies my continuing involvement at Ohio State. I have already spent three semesters in the International Affairs Scholars Program, and have (and will) studied abroad through courses at Ohio State. I plan to use my experience with PUP to help me open doors into more ways to get involved, such as using it on resumes for other organizations or internships or asking other club members about other student organizations with similar community service opportunities in which I could become involved.

NetJets Interview

In mid-August, I interviewed with NetJets about an internship with their Sales and Marketing Team. It was an incredible opportunity in which I learned several key aspects about the interview process, which can contribute to my success later in life.

Despite having two part-time jobs and extensive volunteer experience in the past, I had never had a formal interview in an official office setting before. Nor had I been asked extensive questions like I had in the NetJets interview. It was an incredibly helpful experience that taught me how to conduct myself in a formal interview and what types of questions I may be asked, which can help me prepare for future interviews. It was also an amazing opportunity to determine which aspects of my resume were more “interesting” to employers; as a result, I know what I need to promote both on my resume and in interviews and what sorts of experiences are more beneficial when looking for employment.

I consider my interview with NetJets to be one of my biggest successes. Not only was I offered the internship (though I sadly had to turn it down), it was extremely informative and a valuable experience! I plan to both apply what I have learned about the interview process to future job openings and to investigate future opportunities with NetJets.


My Ring

My family holds a special place in my heart. I would not be the strong, intelligent, independent woman I am without their support, love, and the values and beliefs passed down to me. I am constantly reminded by their impact on my life by the ring I wear every day on my right hand. It was given to be by my grandmother, though it originally belonged to my great-grandmother.

My grandmother is my role model. She completed a Ph.D. She was one of two women in her high school class to get a job; she worked as an addiction counselor before becoming a guidance counselor and then working her way up to vice principal and then principal of a middle school. She was also a single, working mom after divorcing my grandpa when my mom was six. When she finally did retire, she fought and survived breast cancer.


My grandmother helped shape who I am. She taught me to value my education and to work hard. She showed me how to persevere and never give up. And she instilled in me the importance of family. I doubt I would be at OSU or the person I am today. Each day I wear the ring of my grandmother and her mother before that, I remember how she and my family have led me to OSU and push me to succeed. They, especially my grandmother, are the reason I have done well this year.

2016-2017 Year in Review

In this past year, I have seen a lot of growth in who I am socially. I have always been fairly shy and quiet, and being in college has forced me to socialize with people on a level that I never had before. I went from living in my parent’s houses and having a couple of friends to living in a building with dozens of other students, sharing a space with a roommate, having to build connections in classes, and spending time with other scholars. I think a lot of my growth was the result of going on the Mexico Scholars Trip with nine other scholars, three of whom are in IA. Because we all hopped on a plane and spent every waking hour together for ten days, we all became fairly close on the trip.




I am incredibly grateful that I got to go on the trip because I came out of my shell a little and thus became more socially developed. I feel that spending so much time with other students–both during and away from the trip–has allowed to become a completely different person from who I used to be. I look forward to seeing who I will be when I graduate.

About Me


My name is Sarah Drobny, and I am a sophomore at The Ohio State University. I am currently working towards a major in International Studies and a minor in General Business. I am considering attending graduate school in order to receive extra education focused on a particular career path, mostly likely in business or law. I take part in the International Affairs scholars program, which has helped me get involved and has given me the opportunity to travel abroad; I spent my spring break last year in Mexico with other scholars students! I am also a member of the Alpha Omicron Pi sorority on campus, and I was also a member of Partnering Up for Pets, which allowed me to volunteer at the Franklin Country Dog Shelter. I also love reading, playing piano, exploring the streets of Columbus, and working part-time–my previous jobs include working at Kohl’s and PetsHotel. I look forward to joining new student organizations and studying abroad this year. Feel free to comment with questions!

Capstone Project

My first artifact is my Capstone project. During my senior year of high school, I was required to complete a Capstone project in which I had to write a paper and make some sort of product to demonstrate my learning, all with the guidance of a mentor. I chose to pursue the topic of Canine Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and spent my first semester heavily researching it. During my second semester, I wrote my paper concerning whether Canine PTSD exists and if it is similar to that of PTSD in humans, and I made both a treatment plan and a website aimed at animal professionals and dog owners. I used to create my website, a treatment plan guideline created by a professional therapist for my treatment plan, and wrote my two thousand word paper with mentor guidance. I completed the project in May of 2016, followed by a presentation to sophomores and juniors during which I also received a grade.

My Capstone project was an obvious choice. Despite it being from my high school experience and not of that at Ohio State, I do not think that that fact should diminish its importance. It represents what sort of person entered Ohio State University. Therefore, it lets me know where I stand currently, and as I add artifacts in the future, I can use my project as a baseline. It is also extremely significant to me. At this point in my college career, I am completely lost in terms of a major, a future career, whether I want to do grad school, etc. At the beginning of this project, when I was told I could do any topic I wanted, I was completely clueless. I spent hours a day considering what I wanted to spend my senior year studying. I remember the moment Canine PTSD entered my mind. Canine PTSD. I love dogs and I have a passion for promoting the underdog. I feel now I am at a similar situation. I can do anything I want, but have no idea what I want to do. Yet because of the similarities between my Capstone project and making decisions about my future here at OSU, I know I will discover what I am passionate about. Were it not for the experience, I feel I would be more stressed out, angry, and concerned. The project told me that I will run into difficult decisions in my life, and it’s okay if I don’t have an immediate answer.

In terms of what the project taught me, I think that the project was extremely preparatory for college and even for a future career. My writing skills were significantly improved. I learned how to perfect an academic voice and strongly argue a thesis. I also improved by research skills because while I was required to use mainly scholarly sources, my school’s provided databases—while plentiful—did have the sort of information I was looking for. I had to learn how to search for my information by myself and determine what was helpful, what was peer reviewed, and/or what could be used as a counter-argument. I learned that I actually enjoyed writing research papers. I like digging through information to prove my point and learn about various aspects of a subject. I entered the project with just a general comprehension of Canine PTSD, but I was able to walk away with a much greater understanding. It became a subject of passion, and I still believe it to be a very important issue. I also learned an important lesson about procrastination. I had basically the whole school year to complete my project and a few months for my paper, so I definitely procrastinated on my project at times. It caused me to feel a time crunch at the end, so I have definitely realized the importance of not procrastinating, and I plan to use that knowledge in future projects or work.

It was not a particular challenging project overall, but I originally wanted my product to be a study on which treatments are most effective on dogs with Canine PTSD. I would use a dog with the disease and try treating it, and see if it was effective. However, I could not find a dog anywhere nearby that I could use. Shelters, dog owners, vets, no one had one I could use, so I had to change courses. I adapted my product accordingly. Because of this challenge, I learned how to be flexible. It is all right if plans change or an obstacle prevents progress. I have always tended to form a plan and stick to the plan, and I hated when something changed. Needing to change my product was a good lesson for me.

I am grateful for the experience my Capstone project provided for me. I hope to have similar ones going forward during my four year journey at Ohio State. Both the paper and my products are attached below.



Career Summary

Service-oriented college student with an extensive background in stressful and demanding environments. Core competencies include excellent judgment and decision-making, accomplishing goals in a compressed time frame, the ability to learn new systems and concepts quickly, marketing, teamwork, and excellent communication and time management skills. Possess a high degree of maturity and sense of responsibility. Handles tasks with accuracy and efficiency. Looking for summer internships summer of junior year.

 Work and Volunteer Experience

Pet Care Specialist • PetSmart • May 2017 – August 2017

· Juggled multiple tasks at once, and completed tasks via teamwork

· Created a safer environment for employees and dogs by preventing aggressive behavior and dog fights and helping increase communication between employees

· Helped cut down the time typically required for various tasks by fostering teamwork

· Improved performance by helping train other new employees

· Named one of the best newer employees

Person of Sale • Kohl’s • August 2015 – June 2016

· Contributed to marketing strategies for store credit cards and rewards cards in order to meet store goals

· Ensured the smooth operation of the store by assisting those in departments outside of my own and volunteering to extend the hours of my shift

· Established new methods of organizing register areas

· Improved store performance by helping train newer employees

· Bettered the store’s reputation by providing quality customer service

· Cash handling experience

Volunteer • Hopsice Care Center • July 2014 – May 2015

· Attended to an average of nine patients per month

· Increased communication between patients and nursing staff

· Cut down likelihood of patients feeling anxious or lonely through frequent visits and extensive communication

· Created a friendly atmosphere between patients that motivated them to build relationships with one another

Volunteer • St. Mark’s Episcopal Church • 2008-2016

· Taught numerous groups of approximately 20-30 children via Vacation Bible School and Children’s Chapel

· Led multiple projects for Vacation Bible School

· Played instrumental role during church services by assisting rectors carry out worship

· Balanced multiple roles of teacher, leader, acolyte, and video editor at once


World Business and Economy • 2016-present • The Ohio State University

· Business Management minor and WGSS minor

· 3.7 GPA

· Made Dean’s List for Spring 2017 and Fall 2018

· Involvement in International Affairs Scholars Program

· Studied abroad in Mexico and the Czech Republic

· Maximus Scholarship Recipient

High School Diploma • May 2016 • Upper Arlington HIgh School

· 4.0 GPA

· Graduated with honors and as Summa Cum Laude

· Completed year-long Capstone projected concerning Canine PTSD, consisting of an extensive research paper and a website and sample treatment plan


· Marketing and Sales

· Customer Service

· Research

· Communication

· Time Management

· Critical Thinking

· Complex Problem Solving

· Mathematics

· Decision-making

· Teamwork

· Microsoft Office

· Organization

· Animal Care

· Meeting Goals

· Teaching

· Leadership

Additional Information

· Authorized to work for any employer in the US

· Willing to undergo background check

· Not willing to relocate outside of Ohio

· Available weekends and evenings over the summer