Web-Enhanced Reading and Study Strategies-Module 4

During this module, there were many useful tips for active reading and learning with technology. When teachers assign a big reading assignment, it is hard for students to understand or remember the entire thing. I liked learning about the SQ3R method for reading because I struggle to keep my focus when reading. The SQ3R method is a strategy for textbook reading and long articles. The S means skim to get an idea about the topic of the reading. Q means questions and it is making and answering questions through reading. The 3 r’s mean read, recite, review. These steps are a good way of highlighting the important aspects of the reading and making sure that you understand and remember the point of the reading. I plan on trying this method for when I have to read long chapters in textbooks. A reading strategy that I already implement in this module is highlighting. In high school, I would do mindless highlighting because I saw everyone else doing it and I thought it was the cool thing to do. In reality, I never read over what I highlighted so it was useless. Now when I highlight, I highlight for deep processing and learning the material. I highlight the connections between topics and key distinctions of them. This has worked better in comprehending and memorizing the material. In the future I plan on practicing how to memorize course material. I have been trying to figure out the best way to do it  but it changes with ever class. I am going to try and use mnemonics because once I remember the acronym, then a lot more knowledge will come to mind. I am not super creative at making these so I am going to try and work on it. I also plan on practicing working on only one assignment. Often times I have so much to do so I will be doing two things at once and my attention is not fully devoted to that. I like to multitask because I feel productive but it is not a good idea when it comes to school work. Some tips to practice this are turning off all electronic devices even if it is listening to music because the focus could be on the music and not the school work. In order to effectively study and read, one must test out and find the strategies that work best for them. Once they are found, they can continuously practice them to improve their reading and studying strategies.

Efficiency in the Digital Age-Module 3

In this module, it was very helpful to learn about tips and tricks to combat procrastination and increase time management skills. One of the most useful things that I learned in this module is to break down bigger tasks into smaller ones. Whether that be over a few weeks or as little as 10 minute increments. The 10 minute rule is a method of increasing productivity and completing tasks in a manageable way. If a big assignment is coming up, it is important to start it early enough in order to have sufficient time to complete it. By planning out a specific time each day to work on it, it leads to less stress and making the task manageable. An idea that was explained in the module that I already put into practice is creating a supportive study environment. Earlier in the year, I studied at many locations to see which one was my favorite and where I was most productive. I figured out that I like the coffee shop/cafe atmosphere because of the calm environment and the background noise. I know that I can get work done when there is a soft noise in the background. I notice that when I am in a completely quiet place that my mind wonders and I do not focus because it is so quiet. It is important to figure out the study environment that works best and to eliminate distractions. In the future, I can put some tips from this module into practice when I am studying. I liked the idea of reducing digital distractions by putting my phone in another room to reduce the urge to look at it. I know for me that it is really tempting to look at my phone if it is right next to me or if I have the ringer on. I also want to make a plan where I study for a certain amount of time and them give myself a break for a certain amount of time. By putting a time limit on how long my breaks are, I can make sure that I am on task to complete my assignments. I tend to take very long breaks and by the time I get back to studying, I have an excuse to not study because of other commitments. In order to increase productivity in school tasks, it is critical to limit outside distractions and create the best possible environment to facilitate studying. By testing out different methods for reducing distractions, one can figure out the best study routine in order to succeed.

Proper Online Etiquette (Module 2)

In this module, communication and collaboration online was a big focus. When communicating online, it is important to decide what is appropriate to post. The internet is used and accessed by many and can be permanent in regards to what is being posted. The module talks about a term called “netiquette”. Netiquette is defined as etiquette for  the internet. Similarly to etiquette, netiquette is the acceptable way of communicating online. It is important to consider your online presence because your digital footprint follows you and could shape your reputation. This etiquette includes all social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. An important aspect of netiquette is to avoid public arguments. This was talked about in the lecture on 4 as Julie Spira (CEO of Social Media and More)
explained netiquette and what to avoid when posting online. Controversial and argument posts might not reflect your best self and you might not want to see those posts later. I already implement netiquette in anything that I post online whether that be on private social media accounts or for school reasons. I always remind myself that if I see this post 10 years form now, am I gonna be proud of it and glad its on the internet or am I going to regret it. By putting my mind in that mindset, I can make good decisions about my online presence. I also keep in mind that when communicating online in the form of written posts, the audience or reader cannot hear the tone of voice that I am using. When posting online, I need to work on my tone in writing to make sure I am portraying the right tone. Online etiquette is an important aspect of communicating and collaborating.