About Me

Hello, I’m Zachary Dougherty, a student of OSU’s Class of 2020! I am from Grove City, Ohio, and attended Grove City High School. I am currently in the University Exploration program, but hope to major in chemical or biomedical engineering. I have a passion for medicine, chemistry, and the human body, and I hozach15pe to use my time at Ohio State to further develop those passions.

I hope to get involved outside of the classroom as well. I play the viola, and I wish to continue to play and improve my musicianship. I am also interested in joining a service organization and give back to the community. I took Spanish during high school,  but I want to spend time to become more fluent. In addition, I am very interested in doing research during my time at OSU.

I am looking forward to starting school in the fall. It is exciting, and I can’t wait to explore all that Ohio State has to offer.


Informational Interview:

During the autumn 2016 semester, the university exploration program introduced me to the pharmaceutical science major. This major seems like a good fit for me so I interviewed Kaeli Parcel, a recently graduated student of Ohio State. She majored in pharmaceutical science and chemistry.

Kaeli decided on pharmaceutical science because she enjoyed chemistry, and wanted to major in a field where she could apply it. During her time here, she said that her favorite course was biomedicinal chemistry. In addition, she was part of the Generation Rx program and had an internship and a job at a pharmaceutical company, and these activities helped her grow professionally within the pharmacy industry. These experiences helped her determine what she wanted to do. Currently, she is working for a pharmaceutical company doing clinical trials and product safety, and is pursuing her MBA. She said that the knowledge she gained from the pharmaceutical science major helped her a lot by providing clinical experience and chemistry knowledge. When asked if she would change anything as she looked back on her college experience, she said that the pharmaceutical science major was the right fit for her because it allowed her the room to pursue a chemistry degree as well. Overall, she said that to be successful in the pharmaceutical science program, you should just enjoy college. College has a lot of opportunities, and taking the time to experience all that it has to offer and to find your place is important. Using this time to explore and really focus on what you want to do will help you be successful in the future.

I found Kaeli by utilizing the senior bank. She was listed under the pharmaceutical science tab. I chose to interview her because of my interest in the pharmaceutical science major, especially because I did not learn about this major until I learned about it in survey. Interviewing Kaeli helped reinforce that this might be the best fit major for me, and I am excited to take what I have learned and start. I didn’t learn anything particularly new, however, it reinforced what I have already learned about this major. It reinforced how flexible this major can be, as well as the importance of chemistry and applied chemistry, and the importance of internships and working in the field before graduation. Because of this interview and the work done in the survey class, I am confident that I am ready to make the choice to major in pharmaceutical science. Some other things that I would like to learn more about are the types of research being done at Ohio State, and the different ways people are using this degree. Overall, the college overview videos and the lectures were the best tools in introducing me to the different majors, and helping me make a decision. In addition, setting up advising appointments with advisors from the different colleges were what made the choice the easiest.



Questions asked in the interview:
  1. How did you decide on pharmaceutical science? What was your favorite course?
  2. What were your plans after graduation? What are your plans now?
  3. Did the BSPS prepare you for your current line of work?
  4. What were some extracurriculars that helped develop you professionally?
  5. If you could go back, would you change anything, now that you are graduated?
  6. What advise do you have for a student in the pharmaceutical science program, or how to make the most out of college in general?