There are many opportunities that Ohio State has to offer for people who are looking to get involved in things that they are passionate about. One of the great opportunities is in the Planetarium that is located in Smith Laboratory. They take people up to the stars and show them the Universe and all its beauty. So when I heard of the event they were hosting on Thursday October 19th called, “Hidden Treasures: Autumn Skies” I knew I wanted to attend.

The presentation at the planetarium taught me many aspects about our Solar System and Universe as a whole that I was not previously aware of. We were able to look at all of the stars in our Solar System and see the timeless scene that are the constellations. The Presenter took us through the stories behind each constellations that were made up thousands of years ago by the Ancient Greeks; these stories shined a new light on the stars in our solar system. Although I learned a lot about our Solar System the presenter also took us beyond the Milky Way Galaxy into the rest of the Universe. He showed us stars and planets that were millions of light years away so that we were literally looking into the past. This night only grew my passion for astronomy and has inspired me to think about pursuing a minor in it. Overall the event increased my passion and love not just for our own Milky Way Galaxy, but for the millions of galaxies in the Universe that have yet to be discovered.

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