When I first arrived at Ohio State I knew that I wanted to get involved with the many clubs and organizations that the University had to offer. Within the first week I was able to find a club that fit my beliefs and interests perfectly. The name of this club is Real Life, which is a Christian organization and is also the second biggest club on campus. Although Real Life doesn’t directly pertain to my major, the skills that it has taught me are unmeasurable and will help me with my future goals.

Real Life meets every Sunday at the Newport Music hall on High Street, there we listen to a message and sings songs together. We also meet in small groups every Monday to have a Bible Study with the people in our dorms that are apart of Real Life. Real Life at Ohio State has taught me many things about being part of a community of people that have similar ideals. But it has also given me opportunities, through Real Life’s outreach week, to share with people on campus what I believe. It was very beneficial for me to share what I believe and be able to give reasoning behind it, This is also a important skill to have in the work force, to share your ideas and in turn listen to other peoples ideas. Through Real Life we have also been able to help people effected by natural disasters around the world. Recently we have been gathering canned foods for all of those effected by the hurricanes. This has been very helpful and has taught me that you don’t have to go to an effected area in order to help; and that there are many ways you can help people in need from home. I have learned so many things at Real Life, from conveying to others my own beliefs, to working with others, to helping those in need; it has taught me skills I will not only take with me to my future job, but will carry with me my whole life.

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