Module 7 – Motivation and Farewell!

What’s up my compadre nayshon! I missed you guys this week, hope you missed me too and are excited about my final blog post! When I first enrolled in this course one of my biggest problems was finding a way to prioritize my work and not procrastinate. Though over the course of this semester I have picked up some great knowledge on how to combat these vices. Going forward, I will be mapping out each week at the beginning of the week and giving each task on my agenda a specific time and time period to complete it within. I have found throughout this course that this has made me much more proactive and improved my time management skills and I can’t wait to use it for the future. From beginning to end I would say I drastically changed my time management and prioritization habits exponentially. My most meaningful experience in this course was the week that I sat down at the week’s end and looked back to see that I finished every itemized task I created for myself the weak prior. This course has taught me that I have all the tools necessary to complete tasks to the best of my ability, I just don’t always put them to work. This goes for both online and tangible resources at my availability and my own mental work ethic and attitude towards getting things done. Overall this semester truly helped me hone my study skills and overall productivity. One last tip I will leave you guys with is to never be afraid to ask for help. Enrolling in this class was my way of asking for help and I am so glad I did. If you never ask for help you will continue to run into the same problems semester after semester and create unneeded stress that will ultimately make things even worse. It is never too late to ask either, if you ever need help seek it out! Do not be afraid to accept guidance and advice, it will ultimately back you a better learner and even a better person. That is all I have for you this week compadre nayshon, it has been an awesome semester talking with you guys. I hope you all took away as much as I did. Have a great summer!

-Zach Dorner

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