Module 4 – Being a More Active Learner!

Hey compadre nayshon, this weeks module had some very valuable information in it, that am I happy to have learned and to be able to share with you. The biggest thing I personally took away from this section was the benefit of using effective study tools. I am a very visual learner, so being introduced to this awesome list of resources such as infographics, timelines, animations, mind maps, etc. is going to be very helpful for me. It makes it much easier to visually organize your material to study it, if that is your preferred way of learning.

One area touched on in this module that I find I already participate in during my studies is summarizing after I read. I love to go over all the side notes I have taken on what I have read to really give it a permanent spot in my memory.

I could work more on getting ready before reading though, I have a bad habit of not clearing my environment completely of distractions before beginning to read and it always proves to be counterproductive. I could also do better at making sure what I am reading is applicable and bona fide.

One tip I would like to leave for any of my compadre nayshon out there reading this that are working towards more effective study habits, would be to spend some time evaluating your study sessions and pinpointing what the best way you personally learn is. As I mentioned earlier, I am a visual learner so using things such as infographics and timelines are very effective study tools for me, but everyone is different and you need to find what’s best for you!

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